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Sampling is becoming harder to do, says DJ Shadow
Travis Scott breaks personal best for Goosebumps performances
If you like being punched in the mouth, just start saying that Linkin Park have sold out
Danny DeVito comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn. And grime
Beef Of The Week #355: 2017 Miley Cyrus v 2013 Miley Cyrus
JME responds to Daily Mail attack
Travis Scott performs Goosebumps fourteen times at US show
Musicians create new music out of Fyre Festival marketing notes
Portugal wins Eurovision for the first time, as the UK comes in fifteenth
Beef Of The Week #354: Deadmau5 v Calvin Harris
UK Eurovision singer not worried about Brexit backlash
Celebrations for Femi Kuti's longest saxophone note record cut short
Katrina (of The Waves) to deliver UK Eurovision votes
Liam Gallagher expresses concern over Noel's Gorillaz performance
Beef Of The Week #353: Fyre Festival v Fyre Festival
Unreleased Radiohead song kept locked in vault for 20 years for safety of the band
Gary Lineker denies Glastonbury crisp copulation claim
Union J confirm departure of Casey Johnson
Beef Of The Week #352: Aretha Franklin v Dionne Warwick
Madonna hits out at unofficial biopic for quoting her verbatim
Steps number one may prompt nudity
Ant species named after Radiohead
Ed Sheeran's been making stuff up again. Bloody Ed Sheeran.
Beef Of The Week #351: Russia v Ukraine (Continued)
Ed Sheeran gets meaty tattoo to celebrate new single
Slayer's Tom Araya thinks you're a crybaby (assuming you're American, but probably otherwise too)
Labour MP criticises Sun report on metal band mates
Kendrick Lamar artwork designer responds to criticism
Kate Bush doesn't even want to play stupid Coachella
Coachella audience not smart enough for Kate Bush