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Katy Perry banned from China as house purchase dispute is taken to the Pope
Gene Simmons banned from Fox News
Beef Of The Week #381: Brian May v Barbara
Pharrell sets 2117 release date for new single to highlight action on climate change (and cognac)
Brian May got a takedown notice and he's not happy
Maggie Lindemann to sell make-up via Spotify
Noel Gallagher explains his guest scissors player on Later
Beef Of The Week #380: Canada v F***
A Perfect Circle fans who take pictures at shows will be booted out for at least 25 more years
Sia heads off nude paparazzi shots by sharing one herself
Diddy was just joking about changing his name to Love (but you can still call him Love)
Asda kiwi ban fails to save Harry Styles from another stage slip
Beef Of The Week #379: B.o.B v History
Harry Styles slips on kiwi during London show
Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher to appear on Celebrity Gogglebox
Everyone's still angry that Fox News doesn't like Radiohead
Simon Cowell fell down some stairs
Beef Of The Week #378: You v Oasis puns
Buzzfeed claims Kate Nash doesn't exist, Kate Nash puts them straight
Kid Rock's not running for Senate, you idiots
Camila Cabello has a framed Ed Sheeran tweet in her bedroom
Shane Richie reckons he can get Spandau Ballet back together (again)
Beef Of The Week #377: CDs v Mountains
Ed Sheeran expecting to be back to touring
YouTube chorus loop helps Post Malone to US number one
Radiohead's music is
Dave Grohl gives fan his shoe
Beef Of The Week #376: Shane Richie v Nick Knowles
Tom DeLonge launches alternative arts and science academy
Eminem delivers anti-Trump freestyle at BET Hip Hop Awards