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Bonnie Tyler sang 'Total Eclipse' during a total eclipse 
Gene Simmons doesn't regret trying to trademark 'devil horns' gesture
Beef Of The Week #368: Wu-Tang Clan fan (aka Potential Juror Number 59) v Martin Shkreli
Bonnie Tyler to sing 'Total Eclipse' during a total eclipse 
Wu-Tang Clan to resurrect Wu Wear 
Glass Animals respond to Reading's
Republican Super PAC hopes Kid Rock will run for Senate
Beef Of The Week #367: Hope & Glory Festival v Getting Any Work Done
Liam Gallagher has a go
Rihanna tells Diplo he makes
Liam Gallagher would rather be promoting a new Oasis album
Conservative MP planning Glastonbury for Tories
Beef Of The Week #366: Simon Cowell v One Direction solo careers
Punk frontman refused entry to US over Donald Trump costume
You should
Live Nation sues theoretical sellers of Coldplay knock off merch
Bieber didn't quit tour to spend more time with his God 
Beef Of The Week #365: Arcade Fire v Arcade Fire
Trent Reznor doesn't like that music you're listening to. It's just noise and you can't even understand the words. Turn it off.
Alice Cooper finds Andy Warhol original rolled up in a tube
Kid Rock takes early lead in (slightly dubious) election poll
China still hasn't forgiven Justin Bieber's past
Beef Of The Week #364: The parliamentary representatives for Selby & Ainsty and Washington & Sunderland West v Viagogo's security guard
Universal says 'désolé' over French-free Canada tribute album
Ed Sheeran on and off and on and off Twitter 
Now Taylor Swift's being carted around in a box
Heed the lesson of Trump and take Kid Rock seriously, says US Senator
Beef Of The Week #363: Blink 182 v Fyre Festival
Kid Rock announces plans to enter US politics
Mansfield radio station pleas for wanking intrusions to stop