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Beef Of The Week #405: About your privacy
Lily Allen turns trolls into marketing assistants
Grimes defends Elon Musk's business practices
New six track Nine Inch Nails record listed as an LP because Spotify downgrades EPs, says Trent Reznor
Beyonce owns a church now
Beef Of The Week #404: DN v Tidal
Tickets for Labour Party music festival not selling that well shocker
Janelle Monáe launches app to replace your playlists with her album
Metallica's Kirk Hammett says they were right to sue Napster
UK Eurovision entrant offered second performance after stage invasion
Beef Of The Week #403: Brexit v Eurovision
Labels and fans dwell on records for too long, says Elton John
Katy Perry ends feud with Taylor Swift via actual olive branch
Dr Dre not synonymous with sexual health, rules trademark court
Beef Of The Week #402: Police v Illegal raves
Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner says anti-beard petition
Kanye talks, and talks, and talks
Miley Cyrus retracts apology for 2008 Vanity Fair photo-shoot
Poop! Poop! Kanye West releases new music
Beef Of The Week #401: Arctic Monkeys v Marketing
Royal Wedding recording proves the vinyl revival has gone too far 
Nile Rodgers maximises social media #engagement with broken nose
Kanye West still loves Trump, claims US radio host
Shania Twain apologises for saying she would have voted for Donald Trump
Beef Of The Week #400: Classical music fans v Kendrick Lamar
Headless Chickens criticised after scattering ashes of dead bandmate on awards stage
Jessie J wins Chinese TV singing competition
Kayne West working on book of philosophy
Beef Of The Week #399: Elton John v The Kids