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CMU Beef Of The Week #320: Corey Taylor v Your Inability To Focus
Mariah Carey probably didn't throw a laptop out of a window
Fox News names Red Hot Chili Peppers
Deezer US CEO jumps to e-cigarette company Pax Labs
Liam Gallagher is 'most punk rock dude ever', says Tom Delonge
CMU Beef Of The Week #319: Taylor Swift v Northants Police
Pizza Hut launches
Frank Ocean's art should not be rushed, says Malay
Kanye West fans mount Twitter campaign to score rapper the Super Bowl gig
Adele definitely not playing the Super Bowl, says everyone
CMU Beef Of The Week #318: Die Antwoord v Suicide Squad
PETA turns The Smiths' Meat Is Murder into 8-bit videogame
'Power' producer responds to 50 Cent's outburst after his penis guest stars
Teenagers! Stop going to festivals when you have measles
Prince's Paisley Park home not being sold off
CMU Beef Of The Week #317: Prince v Weird Al Yankovic
Morrissey didn't receive a warm enough welcome at Sydney Airport
Ikea not interested in Kanye West collaboration
Amazon patents headphones that switch off when your name is called
Kanye West tells Apple to
CMU Beef Of The Week #316: Uber v Lorde
Darude lacks real world sandstorm experience
1D alumni are
Donut-licking got Ariana Grande banned from the White House
Pokemon invade music venues
CMU Beef Of The Week #315: Third Eye Blind v The Republican Party
My Chemical Romance planning announcement for nine years and eleven months anniversary of The Black Parade
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might not be going to prison after all
Kanye West may face legal action over Taylor Swift video
Alice Cooper to simultaneously stand for UK PM and US President