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Punk tracks accidentally pressed onto Beyonce's Lemonade vinyl
New music service offers free downloads with legal marijuana
Beef Of The Week #372: Saunagate
Gene Simmons will hand deliver his new boxset to your door (for $50,000)
Abba to return as holograms
HMV denies refusing to stock new Morrissey album
Katy Perry advertises Japanese fabric softener
Beef Of The Week #371: Madonna v FedEx
Martin Shkreli puts secret Wu-Tang album up for sale on eBay
Taylor Swift sends in traditional new album trademark applications
Calls to put Prince statue in place of Christopher Columbus in Minnesota city
Beef Of The Week #370: Australia v Viagogo
Radio X criticised by media regulator over Russell Brand's sex chat with Elvis impersonator
Hackers post a naked Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez's Instagram
'X-Factor' contenders told to stop singing Ed Sheeran songs
Beef Of The Week #369: Danish law enforcement v bad busking 
Corey Taylor not so excited about Kid Rock for US Senate
Bonnie Tyler sang 'Total Eclipse' during a total eclipse 
Gene Simmons doesn't regret trying to trademark 'devil horns' gesture
Beef Of The Week #368: Wu-Tang Clan fan (aka Potential Juror Number 59) v Martin Shkreli
Bonnie Tyler to sing 'Total Eclipse' during a total eclipse 
Wu-Tang Clan to resurrect Wu Wear 
Glass Animals respond to Reading's
Republican Super PAC hopes Kid Rock will run for Senate
Beef Of The Week #367: Hope & Glory Festival v Getting Any Work Done
Liam Gallagher has a go
Rihanna tells Diplo he makes
Liam Gallagher would rather be promoting a new Oasis album