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Bernie Clifton
Roger Daltrey on AC/DC tour:
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Rich people remain rich, annual study of rich people finds
Rihanna denies knowledge of publicist who says she's angry about Tidal album launch
Kanye's original Life Of Pablo lyrics were flushed down the toilet
Anti-EU web addresses provide surprising message from Rick Astley
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Black Keys regret inducting Steve Miller into Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame
Gareth Gates launches caffeine-free coconut tea range
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Gene Simmons confuses Jimi Hendrix for rapper
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Grave consequences for those who follow The Smiths on Twitter
Everlast aims to
CMU's One Liners: Universal Music Publishing Australia, Chase & Status, Boys Noize, more
Naughty Boy pleased about Zalik Malik's success, despite falling out
CMU Beef Of The Week #299: Keith Richards v Artists Today
Steve Penk checks the news daily for new acts to play on Radio Dead
U2 have 50 ideas for new songs
Bieber fans face financial dilemma over cancelled meet and greets
Justin Bieber can't meet fans because their spiritual energy makes him unhappy
Not even One Direction can make kids interested in the Daily Mail, says ASA
Bloc distances itself from co-founder's anti-young people stance
Old man doesn't understand young people, assumes they're wrong
Old man doesn't understand new music industry, assumes it's wrong