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Adele sells over ten million copies of 21 in the US, not working hard enough says Louis Walsh

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Adele has now sold over ten million copies of her second album ’21’ in the US alone – in the UK it’s shifted a further 4.5 million units. It’s only the 21st album to pass the ten million US sales mark since Neilsen SoundScan began recording such data in 1991, so that’s nice. What’s more, it’s the only album in the last decade to reach the ten million figure in less than two years. So many stats.

Learning the news, Adele said: “What an incredible honour. A huge, huge thank you to my American fans for embracing this record on such a massive level”.

You’d think with all that success Adele might have earned herself a bit of a rest. Not so, says Louis Walsh. In fact, he thinks she’s been downright lazy, using having a baby as an excuse for being so. Bad Adele. Walsh told Q: “If I [was managing] someone like Adele, no way would she not be working now. Fine, have a baby, but then get back out there before they forget who you are! She’d be on every other TV show and there’d be another album ready. Work the room! That’s my philosophy”.

To be fair, I think Adele’s policy of being a little bit more difficult to pin down has been working alright so far. Did I mention the ten million albums thing?


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