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Amazon music team to meet with labels


Amazon MP3

Amazon music dudes are due to meet with record label execs in America today to discuss the cloud-based locker and player service they launched last month.

As much previously reported, the music-focused digital locker allows users to upload their MP3 collections to an Amazon server and then play tracks back via a web-based player. There is some debate as to whether such a service needs a licence from the record labels. Amazon say no, arguing it is no different than any other online storage system or media player, and that by offering the locker service the etailer will sell more MP3s, to the benefit of the content owners. The labels, however, do not concur.

As also previously reported, in a note to the record companies earlier this week the Amazon music team restated their position, stressing they were not seeking licences for the new service, but adding they may do so in the future if they add further functionality to their player in due course. They also added a claim that the launch of the cloud locker had already resulted in a rise in the number of MP3s being sold via the Amazon website.

Nevertheless, Amazon execs have been in New York this week to have meetings with the labels, according to sources cited by Billboard, and further meetings are due to take place later today. It is not clear what is on the agenda, though it seems likely the Amazon music guys have been charged with the task of placating the labels without changing their ‘we don’t need a licence’ position.


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