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AMP and Choice prizes presented


AMP 2012

So not one but two Mercury-Prize-style awards  were handed out this week, which is good news for fans of Mercury-Prize-style awards. And for fans of things that come in twos, I guess.

First up, there was the Australian Music Prize, which was presented to rockers The Jezabels for their album ‘Prisoner’. Apparently it was very, very, very close, which I am sure will reassure all the losers who don’t take home 30 thousand Aussie dollars back to mother. Actually, The Jezabels are currently gigging in Europe so weren’t in attendance to pick up the prize themselves, meaning the money has probably gone straight to their mothers, and will be spent long before the band head back home.

They don’t need the prize money, anyway. They’re doing fine as it is thank you very much. Indeed some have criticised this year’s AMP shortlist for being too “safe” in terms of acts chosen, something the winners noted in their pre-supplied acceptance speech, which said: “[We like that] AMP celebrates excellence and quality in Australian albums, regardless of their popularity or success, but also recognises that those things are not mutually exclusive”.

Second, the Choice Music Prize has been presented in Ireland, and the surprise there was that it was handed to a previous winner, meaning electro-rock types Jape have won the honour twice in its eight year history. In his acceptance speech band founder Richie Egan, according to the Irish Times, said: “This year I didn’t think we’d win because the line-up is so great. I actually thought that Lisa Hannigan was definitely going to win. To be honest all of the fucking bands on the list are so good, I’m just actually in shock that we won”.

Well done one and all. Well, mainly Jape and The Jezabels. And mother.


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