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Approved: Les Pharaons

CMU Approved

Les Pharaons

It’s no secret that Fair Ohs’ own Eddy Frankel knows his way about a French phrasebook. Why, the band’s 2010 cover of Brigitte Bardot’s ‘La Madrague’, if you happen to have heard it, speaks for itself.

Frankel’s French language solo side-guise, Les Pharaons, has set out its scratch-psych stall via four-track tape ‘Opio’, which is now available as Suplex Cassettes’ seventeenth release.

A Gainsbourgian homage to the yé-yé variete of coy and coquettish French pop music, earnest ‘Opio’ intro ‘Amandine’ is free to stream and download here:


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