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Baldwin promoted at Imagem

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Independent publisher Natasha Baldwin has been promoted to the new role of President For Creative & Marketing, having previously been VP of the firm’s creative and sync units. The new role sees Baldwin, already on the board of Imagem UK, join the board of the global Imagem Music Group.

Confirming the appointment, Imagem CEO AndrĂ© de Raaff told CMU: “Tash has already contributed enormously to our organisation in a remarkably short time. She has been able to ‘make a difference’ in the way we service our music to advertising agencies, TV stations, film companies etc. With a clear understanding of our commitment to a direct and proactive approach, she was able to transform this ethic onto a global scale to serve our Imagem clients worldwide”.

He continued: “As Imagem continues to grow, Tash’s new role will allow her to oversee all aspects of creative services. At the same time, as a worldwide board member, she will be responsible for creating new marketing initiatives to further exploit our copyrights, to develop our business opportunities in ‘new’ markets, and to contribute in all other aspects to the global growth and further expansion of Imagem”.

Baldwin herself added: “We have to think globally. That’s the way our customers think. We have to think across all genres of music and I’m excited to be given the opportunity to shape the creative strategy of the group as we strengthen long term sync, film and brand partnerships, forge global digital deals, and broker new media opportunities for our writers, composers and bands. What is unusual about this new Imagem move is that it’s not about admin, but about sales. That’s not the way most publishers behave!”


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