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Bieber scores fifth US number one, breaks a chart record of sorts

By | Published on Thursday 7 February 2013

Justin Bieber

You can focus on the paparazzo pushing, the dope smoking, the gym-based bad-mouthing, the Nerf gun violence, the arse exposure, the boob grabbing, the planned Vegas debauchery, the fan intimidation or the (denied) sizzurp guzzling if you so wish, but frankly such idle gossiping disgusts me. Why not focus on the hard Justin Bieber stats? His latest album (his fifth, sixth or seventh, depending what you count) has just gone to number one in the Billboard 200 in the US.

And while the world might need an acoustic rework of last year’s Bieber record ‘Believe’ like a hole in the ozone layer, that chart achievement makes the Bieber the first artist ever to score five number ones in the US album charts before his or her nineteenth birthday. He’s also one of only ten artists ever to score number ones in the main Billboard album countdown in four consecutive years. And there you were thinking that the ‘most successful pop Justin’ crown was about to passed back to Timberlake.

Though if you don’t like thinking about Bieber’s undeniable commercial successes, then you can join The Sun in wondering who at Universal Music UK (allegedly) handed four ‘exclusive’ meet-and-greet VIP tickets for one of the Biebster’s upcoming British tour dates to the Conservative Party to auction off for ten grand at a recent political fund-raiser. The tabloid wonders whether the pop teen will be pleased that the £10,000 generated by the VIP tickets to his show has made it into David Cameron’s coffers. Not least because, imagine how much sizzurp that would buy. Not that Bieber has any need for it.