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Big Dada to release Grime 2.0 compilation



What does the grime scene look like in 2013? Or, most importantly, what does it sound like? This is a question Big Dada aims to answer on new compilation ‘Grime 2.0′.

Compiled by journalist Joe Muggs and the label’s founder Will Ashton, the album delves into the latest crop of grime producers and MCs, as well as rubbing up against the scene’s godfather, Wiley, and more.

The compilation is due for release on 6 May, but you can hear snippets of what it has on offer in this trailer:

And here’s the complete tracklist:

Disc 1
Footsie – Oh My Gosh
Tre Mission – Dollar Bill
Teeza – Rum and Coke
Visionist – Dem Times
Faze Miyake – 5000
TRC – Cartwheel
Chaos & Order – Logan’s Mind
Preditah – Vinyls VIP
Youngstar – Loop 29
Chimpo – Codeine and Dragon Stout
DECiBEL – Bend
Shy One – 927
Inkke – L-O-K
J Beatz – Shotta Krew
Matt Shadetek – Battery Charge
Juzlo – Nail Thrower
Major Grave – Like A G

Disc 2
Darq E Freaker – Trojan
Moony – Winner
Mr SnoWman – Frosty Lake
Mr Mitch – Viking
Wiley – Logic Pro
MRK1- Smash It Up Hard
Prettybwoy – Kissin U
Swifta Beater – Numb VIP
SNK – Mongrel
Royal-T – Space Cowboy VIP
Stenchman – Machine Molester
Sinden – Arcane
Slackk – Spray
Spooky – Moonlight
Starkey – Tunnel
TC4- Lazer Riddem
Gumnaam – Desi Bullet
Threnody – Emergency


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