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Chad VanGaalen making animated space movie

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Chad Vangaalen

Canadian musician Chad VanGaalen is at this moment making a “lowbrow” animated sci-fi movie entitled ‘Tarboz’, and it sounds unreal. He says it’s a year or so from being finished, but promises that when it is, it’ll be psychedelic yet also appeal to kids a la Dr Seuss.

This is Van Gaalen’s intricate ‘Tarboz’ synopsis, as quoted to CBC Music: “Tarboz is an intergalactic trash collector on this planet, there’s a magnetic field around this planet that brings in all of this space junk. He’s just one of the dudes that they send out to clean up all the junk, and look for interesting debris. His species depends on this debris that floats in to evolve. They’re kind of like glorified junkions. What they don’t know is that there is another species of organism that’s been taking advantage of these planets for billions of years and governing their evolution. So they’re not really these junk robot things, they’re actually these other creatures. Tarboz slowly figures this out by discovering a piece of space junk with this empathy crystal embedded inside of it”.

So basically it’s like The Wombles in space… or just The Clangers. Or slightly like an animated version of Katy Perry’s ‘ET’ video with anti-gravity space debris in place of a levitating Kanye West. But wait, why this abrupt move towards making movies Mr VanGaalen?

Clarifies Chad: “The reason I made the film in the first place is because I really wanted to score a sci-fi, but nobody was asking me to score a film, so I was just like, ‘I’m just going to make my own fucking movie'”.


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