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CMU Beef Of The Week #111: Alex Reid v YouTube

By | Published on Friday 25 May 2012

Alex Reid

Alex Reid has never made it into CMU before, due to his status as a cage fighter and professional appearer not really falling within our remit. His only connection with music previously was being the husband (and now former husband) of noted pop singer Katie Price/Jordan. But that all changed this week. Briefly.

Recently Reid’s official website announced the imminent release of his debut single, ‘Stardust’, described as “an up-tempo summer anthem that’ll make you all feel good”. It sounds brilliant, if you ask me. But unfortunately, I’ve not been able to hear it in full.

The track went live on YouTube on Tuesday and immediately fans flocked to hear what Reid had come up with. The fans (I’m sure they were all fans) were not impressed. Numerous negative comments were made and around 125 people had clicked the ‘dislike’ button within ten minutes, at which point the video was taken offline.

Some would take this as a failure. Not Reid though. He told Mark Meets: “We’ve had a misconception, but I guess it’s because of who I am. At least everyone is talking about it – ‘Alex Reid – bloody hell, that guy can’t sing, what a joke’. The funny thing is that’s kinda good, I quite like being the underdog because I’m very proud of what we’ve produced”.

He added: “At the moment it’s a mixed bag and that’s good – I think that’s great. That’s a bit of controversy and at least it’s an opinion. [The song] could go Top 40 – it sounds just as good as any of the other songs out there, in my mind. If it’s gonna be a load of crap I’m not gonna bother, I think it’s pretty bloody good. So yeah, to me it sounds just as good as any other songs and tunes I listen to. This song is close to my heart, I think it’ll do well. It’ll be a success”.

That’s the sort of nonsense professional fighters tend to come out with before being beaten to a pulp. Maybe being a cagefighter is good practice for a career in pop after all. We’ll find out soon enough, because ‘Stardust’ has already been quietly slipped back up onto YouTube, albeit with the ability to rate it or embed it on other websites disabled.