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Conor Maynard would like to lick celebs’ faces

By | Published on Thursday 2 August 2012

Conor Maynard

The alleged ‘new Justin Bieber’, Brit YouTube phenom Conor Maynard, has confessed to liking the taste of a famous face or two. Or rather, what he’s really said is that, so star struck was he upon collaborating with the many celeb guests on his first LP, ‘Contrast’, that he had to suppress that most primal of teen popstar urges, to “lick their faces”.

Speaking to MTV, the nineteen year-old Brightonian – who studio partners to date include Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams and his own personal R&B mentor Ne-Yo – has gushed thus: “It’s been crazy. I had to get very used to meeting my idols very quickly. I got to work with some incredible people. There’s some amazing, amazing names I’m honoured to have on this album and I had to get used to meeting these people before I even released a track”.

But wait, what of the licking thing? Says Conor: “I had to control myself and not want to run in there and lick their faces. I had to control that. I had to be normal at the same time”.

Fortunately for Frank Ocean, who for some reason gifted a track titled ‘Pictures’ to the ‘Contrast’ cache, he and Conor never came within licking range.

Says Maynard of his Odd Future benefactor: “Well, I mean, with Frank Ocean, funny enough, I never got to meet him. It was one of those sessions where a song is put out there, where someone writes it, and someone else hears it and I end up with a song on my album. For me, it’s kind of annoying I never got to meet him, but at the same time it’s an incredible song”.