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Dave Grohl thinks Lee Ryan is “a really cool guy”, says Lee Ryan

By | Published on Wednesday 27 March 2013

Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan has denied reports that Dave Grohl took something of a dislike to him at a party following a performance by the Foo Fighters frontman’s Sound City Players band in London earlier this month. In fact, says the Blue boy, quite the opposite is true.

The Sun reported last week that Grohl had said in an interview: “There was this English singer who was with us [at the after-show party] who was completely wasted. We almost had to throw him out. Have you heard of this band, Blue? The guy kept telling us how many million records he’s sold. I was like, ‘Really? You?'”

But speaking to Digital Spy at the Chortle Awards on Monday night, Ryan said that Grohl had been horrified that their burgeoning friendship might be scuppered by this misrepresentation of the truth. For sure. Explained Ryan: “He messaged me… and he’s like, ‘No, I never said that’. He messaged me through our PA and said, ‘Tell Lee I’m sorry about that, I don’t know where that came from, but Lee’s a really cool guy, I really love him'”.

Elaborating about the night where Grohl fell in love with him, Ryan continued: “Me and him were doing shots with each other at the bar, it was wicked. For me he’s such a rock legend… I didn’t ruin his party, I was just pissed like the rest of them. I think what he said was, ‘Lee was wrecked out of his head’, and I was”.

So, there you go. Are you happy to know the truth now? More to the point, is Lee annoyed that people were spreading scurrilous gossip about him not being able to hold his drink? No, he isn’t. Asked about this, he said: “I was really happy with it, if I’m honest. I’ve been kicked out of a few parties, but it’s fun when you get kicked out. Being told to leave is great. ‘Get out you’re too pissed’, ‘Wicked'”.