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DJ Shadow strikes up partnership with BitTorrent


DJ Shadow

The BitTorrent company behind the file-sharing technology of the same name, which is employed by many illegal file-sharers of course, has announced an alliance with DJ Shadow. BitTorrent will promote the producer’s previously reported new album ‘Hidden Transmissions’, which will contain rarities and unreleased material from the 1990s, pre-orders for which are now being taken.

BitTorrent users will be invited to download a free digital package including three tracks from the record, plus videos and photos. They will then also be invited to “support” the DJ by downloading a new bit of RealPlayer software, with BitTorrent and Shadow seemingly getting a commission every time a fan does so.

BitTorrent’s Director Of Marketing Matt Mason told reporters: “This is the first time ever that an artist has worked directly with BitTorrent to monetise content. It is kind of a giant leap forward”.

While BitTorrent has become favoured by many illegal file-sharers in recent years, the tech company itself is not involved in any of the piracy services that utilise its technology, though its relations with the music industry have nevertheless suffered over the years because of its association with file-sharing.

As previously reported, in addition to the rarities record, Shadow also plans to release a best of box set later this year.


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