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Single Review: Florence And The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms (Universal/Island)

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Florence And The Machine

If, like me, you’ve exhausted all of Florence And The Machine’s existing material and have been waiting anxiously for a new song to crank up loud and sing along to at the top of your voice in the comfort of your own home (with or without hairbrush), then fear not fellow Florence sycophant, here it is. Included on this year’s ‘Twilight’ movie soundtrack, ‘Heavy In Your Arms’ is the latest single from the Machine and a bonus track on the new ‘Lungs’ special edition release.

Produced by Paul Epworth, it’s exactly what I want and need from a Flo song; a dreamy chantyness running throughout that’s crushed by Florence’s stern vocals and a prominent drum beat, especially so on the chorus. The loud, almost shouty, vocals towards the end bare an emotive tone, utilising the full power of Florence’s voice and adding a darkness that makes this song perfect for the ‘Twilight’ theme.

All that said, ‘Heavy In Your Arms’ is almost a mix of ‘Cosmic Love’ and ‘Rabbit Heart’, or maybe ‘Between Two Lungs’ and ‘Drumming Song’. That is to say, that while this is a welcome new Florence track, it does feel like an add on to ‘Lungs’ rather than a glimpse into the Machine’s next chapter, ie it’s much the same as what went before. So, while excited that I have something new to sing along to, ‘Heavy In Your Arms’ still leaves me wanting something even newer, a different kind of Flo. GS

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