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I Was A Cub Scout announce farewell show

By | Published on Friday 7 June 2013

I Was A Cub Scout

I Was A Cub Scout have announced that they will play a farewell show later this year. You may remember that I Was A Cub Scout split acrimoniously mid-tour in 2008. That it’s taken five years for the duo to agree to perform together again gives you some indication of just how acrimonious that split was.

All’s well now though, as vocalist and synth handler Todd Marriott explained: “I am very exited, obviously, at the prospect of playing songs I once truly loved with someone I very much admire. Our project ended on bad terms and for many years we did not speak, and for me there was a lot of bad feeling towards the whole thing. We are both young adults in very different situations, I feel that after such a long time feeling downbeat it will eradicate the negative feelings I once had”.

He continued: “[With this show] we can ‘end’ it all properly, hopefully in front of what where once fans of our band. It will be a fantastic opportunity for me to see many people who for five or so years have not been part of my life in any way, many of these people I have missed a lot. But of course to play an instrument and sing like I have not sung in five years with a friend I’ve also missed for many years”.

Drummer William Bowerman, who is now a member of instrumental outfit Brontide and provides live drums for the likes of La Roux and Summer Camp, added: “We never got the chance to close the door on our band and send it on it’s way with the respect we felt it deserved. Five years on we are a little older, a LITTLE wiser and have ironed out the creases that we once had in our friendship. It seems like the perfect time to celebrate something we really enjoyed and a great excuse to get our old friends together”.

The show will take place at The Borderline in London on 14 Sep.