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John Legend thought Cher was dead for a while

And Finally

John Legend

Sometimes people on the internet say that celebrities are dead when they are in fact not dead. Social media, and in particular Twitter, has become a very effective way to spread such rumours. And earlier this week it was the turn of Cher to be the subject of such a prank.

One of the people who initially fell for the joke was US model Christine Teigen, fiancée of musician John Legend. So shocked was she that she woke Legend up to tell him the news. “He got sad but then went back to bed”, she explained to her Twitter followers. Though by this time she had realised that she’d fallen foul of a hoax. But did she go and disturb her future husband again in order to put him right? No she did not.

“Kind of hilarious watching John sleep and knowing he thinks Cher is dead”, she later tweeted. Though she added: “It’s funny only because she’s not dead, clearly”.

Of course she wouldn’t be so cruel to keep up the pretence once Legend was awake. Oh, actually, she would. The next morning she wrote: “Hahahhahahahahaha John still thinks Cher is dead. ‘I can’t believe it’s not even on the news, that’s kinda a big deal’”.

Unfortunately, updating her Twitter followers about all this meant that the now conscious Legend soon discovered her ruse and the fun was over. The stupid internet ruins everything.


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