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Last chance to vote on Liverpool Sound City CMU panel

By | Published on Monday 22 February 2010

This week is your last chance to exercise your influence over this year’s Liverpool Sound City, the music business convention that takes over the Merseyside city in May.

As much previously reported, organisers of Sound City have this year set aside one session in their main conference programme for you guys, the CMU readership, to control. From the numerous suggestions for topics you’d like to see discussed, emailed in last month, we have picked our five favourites. You can now pick which of these get debated in Liverpool in May…

01 Why won’t artists just bloody well take control? [CONTROL]
Given all the DIY tools now available to young bands, why do so many still aim for that record label deal?

02 Is live music really booming? [LIVE]
Is the live industry really in the good health we’re always told, and how can the wider industry support grass roots live?

03 Should major labels be dropping A&Rs rather than bands? [MAJORS]
Are current major label personnel really up to the challenge of the digital age?

04 Digital DIY is killing music [DIY]
Free digital platforms enable a barrage of mediocre music to swamp the good stuff, and means artists with marketing rather than musical skills have the advantage. How can the music and digital industries combine to truly benefit good music talent?

05 Music radio will die, and good riddance [RADIO]
Can real music radio survive, and if not how can web services take its place in promoting new music?

You can vote for your favourite right now. Just email the ‘keyword’ of your preferred panel (ie the capitals after the panel title) to We will be reporting from the event, so it’s worth voting even if you don’t think you will make it to Sound City this year, because we’ll let you know what the final panel say here in the Daily. Plus, one voter will be win a pair of tickets to this year’s Sound City, so even if you’re not currently planning on coming, CMU could fix it for you to be there!

So, get voting, and in the meantime, for full info on all things Liverpool Sound City get your web browser pointing in the general direction of