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Loserville to close early

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We live in a world where people will flock to see theatrical reworkings of Patrick Swayze films, even though they could stay at home and watch the film that actually has Patrick Swayze in it. But an original musical based on an album by a shortlived band formed by one ex-member of Busted? Apparently not. The world is a fucked up place.

The West End run of ‘Loserville’, the previously reported musical co-written by James Bourne and based on his post-Busted band Son Of Dork’s one album, ‘Welcome To Loserville’, is to close two months early. The good news is, despite this, you still have until January to go and see it, and also it may be transferring abroad, so it’s not going to die. Look after it foreigners, apparently we can’t be trusted with it over here in the UK.

Producers Teresa and Craig Beech told What’s On Stage: “We are incredibly proud of ‘Loserville’. The creative team worked tirelessly to deliver an imaginative show, full of heart, which is fun for the whole family … There has been quite a bit of interest expressed in the show from abroad, and we are currently in negotiations for our first overseas production, the first of, what we hope are, many to come”.

The show will continue at the Garrick Theatre until 5 Jan, by which time I hope every single CMU reader will have gone to see it. Seriously, how can ‘We Will Rock You’ run for over a decade and this only get a few months? Apart from the whole Queen songs being part of the national consciousness thus negating any need to worry about anything like writing a decent show thing.


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