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Major counterfeit CD operation discovered

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Two men have been arrested after a rather large CD and DVD counterfeiting operation was discovered in a flat above a shop in Bognor. 150,000 CDs and DVDs and 100 full computer hard drives containing 25,000 music, movie and software files were seized as part of the raid.

The arrests followed a long investigation which began in North West England, and was therefore led by the North West Regional Crime Unit, despite the arrests occurring in Sussex. Local police and investigators from the BPI’s Anti-Piracy Unit were also involved in the raids.

Confirming the action, the BPI’s Anti-Piracy Director David Wood told reporters: “I would like to thank both the Northwest Regional Organised Crime Unit and Sussex Police for co-ordinating their efforts to disrupt this prolific production of counterfeit music, film and game repertoire. These arrests are significant in that it is one of the largest ‘domestic factories’ uncovered to date in the UK. It had the capability of manufacturing and distributing counterfeit product on a truly commercial scale”.

Meanwhile Brighton newspaper The Argus quoted Detective Inspector Chris Neilson of the Sussex Police Economic Crime Unit as saying: “Detectives and financial investigators from our unit are investigating, and are working closely with the BPI and North West England Regional Asset Recovery Team to fully investigate this ‘factory'”.


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