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Matter to close for the summer

By | Published on Thursday 20 May 2010

There’s been much speculation this week regarding the future of Matter, the nightclub complex within the O2 dome run by the team behind Fabric. Despite the magnificent credentials of its sister club, and a pretty good programme of club nights, Matter has seemingly struggled, partly because of the location of the Dome, which is hard to get to and from late at night once the Jubilee Line closes. According to Music Week, Matter made a million pound loss in year one and the company who runs it has £3 million worth of creditors.

Following all that speculation, Matter confirmed yesterday it would close for the summer, but with plans for a relaunch in the autumn. The official statement on the matter (no pun intended, honest) reads: “We can confirm that the Matter nightclub has temporarily closed over the summer period with a view to re-launching later in the year. This decision has been taken by the owners of Matter. The reopening will be considered over the course of the next few months and we will keep you advised when further information is available”.

Some doom and gloom mongerers are already questioning whether Matter will, in fact, ever reopen. It will be a blow for Dome operators AEG if it doesn’t, though. Word has it that, while the Arena part of the The O2 does very well indeed when the right acts are booked in, not all the periphery facilities have enjoyed the same level of success, partly hindered by the fact hanging out at the complex is a bit like hanging out in a slightly grim shopping centre.

Not all of the outer rim of the Dome is even in use yet, and originally there were plans to open a theatre and other venues alongside the main arena, though if some of those already open are struggling to make ends meet, AEG may not find partners willing to come on board to run periphery venues. However, it should be noted, the Dome’s public transport issues are most problematic for late night entertainment facilities like Matter.