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Morrissey’s special wishes for Liz over Jubilee weekend

By | Published on Wednesday 6 June 2012


So, did you enjoy four days of celebrating Her Maj? Morrissey, needless to say, did not. In a statement on the website last week, the former Smiths man aired the kind of anti-monarchy sentiments you sort of rely on the likes of Morrissey to air at times like this.

He wrote: “This week, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee presents a new lesson in the force of tyranny, and is an expression of loathing and abhorrence of the British poor – and all done, quite naturally, at the public’s expense! It is degrading to anyone of intelligence. While dictatorships throughout the Middle East are gently condemned by the British government, there is no examination of the extremism enforced by the British ‘royals’, who remain the mot overpaid and most utterly useless people on the planet. Having done nothing to earn our respect, they demand everything by return”.

Actually, quite a lot of the Jubilee festivities were funded by private contributions and/or the licensing fees the BBC could secure by selling its footage overseas, and compared to the billions the tax payer is pouring into the London Olympics, only to be dictated to by corporate brands (whose contribution is nominal by comparison) as to what drinks they can drink, what cash cards they can use, and what clothes they can wear, the Queen’s celebrations weren’t that big a disgrace, relatively speaking. But still, with so many c’lebs gushing about the Royals this weekend, it’s good you can rely on Mozza to give the other view.

Speaking of which, the singer added that he is “frequently asked to appear on BBC television’s ‘Question Time’ to air my views”, but, before you get excited, said that he declines on the grounds that he doubts that it is “possible to engage with the British media and not be carved-up”.

Elsewhere in Morrissey news, the singer has admitted to thinking about retiring from the world of pop. Asked by whether he might call it a day once he’s 55 (which will be in 2014), Morrissey said: “Yes. I am slightly shocked to have gone as far as I have. This is my thirtieth year, and I’ve aged a lot recently, which is bit distressing for me, as it must be for everyone. The body changes shape and there’s nothing you can do about it. Do I continue as a modern day Andy Williams? I take one hour at a time”.