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Murray asks to be released from jail pending appeal

By | Published on Monday 30 January 2012

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray asked to be released from jail on Friday, so that he can prepare to appeal his manslaughter conviction outside of prison. He’d willingly agree to electronic tagging or other forms of house arrest, he added.

Murray, of course, was last year found guilty of causing the death of the late king of pop by negligently administering the drug propofol as a cure for insomnia. He was given the full four year jail sentence allowed for the crime by Judge Michael Pastor, who seemed angered by Murray’s refusal to speak in court, instead giving his side of the story to a TV documentary.

Murray plans to appeal both his conviction and jail sentence, and filed papers with the court on Friday asking to be freed while he goes through the appeals process. Attorney J Michael Flanagan, who seems to still be working for Murray despite the doctor saying he was broke and needed state-funded legal assistance for his appeal, wrote in the court submission that his client’s sentence was “very severe” given the circumstances of the case. He added that the doctor is being kept in solitary confinement which his hands chained to either his waist or a table at all times.

Flanagan added that Murray’s conviction stemmed from “an unusual situation, a close friendship with Michael Jackson and a desire to assist him through a difficult situation. Dr Murray may have made wrong choices and not have exercised good medical judgment at times, but he never intended to injure anyone”.

The court filing asked that Murray’s request for release from jail be heard on 24 Feb.