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New guide to legit content services online goes live


The Content Map

Britain’s content industries have collaborated on a new website that provides a guide to which download and streaming services online are licensed, and therefore fully legit. The site hopes to help consumers navigate all the various content services available online, not all of which pass revenues back to creators and copyright owners.

Welcoming the new website, called The Content Map, Ed Vaizey, Minister for the Creative Industries, told CMU: “This is an excellent initiative and one which will be very useful to guardians and gatekeepers, educators and the general public. I am delighted that UK businesses and creative industries are helping to signpost innovative services that allow consumers to access content legally”.

Meanwhile Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance for Intellectual Property, which coordinated the project, added: “We realise that it can sometimes be difficult for people to differentiate legal sites from illegal sites. That is why the creative industries have come together to launch a central online hub where consumers can be secure in the knowledge that they and their children can identify official services. The Content Map also provides ‘jargon busters’ and FAQs which clarify the sometimes technical terminology that is used online”.

Trade bodies representing most of the content industries have also welcomed the new venture, with Geoff Taylor of record label trade body the BPI telling reporters: “With millions of tracks available legally, there’s never been a better time to explore the choice, convenience and value offered by the UK’s enormous range of online music services. It’s easy to rediscover old favourites, sample the latest releases or put together playlists for family and friends. The Content Map puts all the services at your fingertips, acting as a trusted guide to help you find legal content online”.


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