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Nicole Scherzinger seals ‘de Luxe’ Müller deal

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Nicole Scherzinger

Well-chilled popstar-in-a-pot Nicole Scherzinger has ‘lifted the lid’ on a new silver-spoon branding deal with Bavaria-based dairy co Müller. Sorry, I’ll stop.

The one time Pussycat Doll will be the (possibly yog-slathered) face of Müller’s ‘de Luxe’ dessert range, representing champagne, coconut, praline and after dinner mint-sweetened milk treats. She really, actually says: “I’m a foodie and I love desserts; so working with Müller de Luxe Corner has been a lot of fun. The creamy coconut flavour is my favourite, but they’re all so Müllerlicious!”

Adding: “My Müller de Luxe Corner moment is like a date! I go home and kick off my shoes and enjoy a little moment to myself; it’s a treat”. ill her real-life, non-lacto human ‘date’, one Lewis Hamilton, be pleased with that comparison? I think he will.

Asked by Glamour mag as to what she finds particularly attractive about the campaign, she says: “I’m a huge fan of yoghurt and indulging myself, what a great combination. I was like, ‘do I get some free yoghurt for this?’ and they said ‘yes'”.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line.


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