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Olly Murs discusses the fall

And Finally

Olly Murs

I’m guessing that a small percentage of people who just read that headline are perplexed as to why Olly Murs would be discussing Mark E Smith’s band. But the rest of us are equally perplexed as to how you’ve failed to see the video of Murs falling down some stairs that’s been doing the rounds this week. Funny how things balance out, isn’t it?

In a moment of perfect slapstick, Murs slipped while walking down a set of stairs to get off the stage at last weekend’s GuilFest, while still singing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’. As is the way these days, the video was online within minutes and quickly spread itself over the internet, like jam on the crumpet that thinking about this metaphor has made me want to eat.

Discussing the incident, Murs told Capital FM: “It was really funny because the guy who was filming had to cut it, [but when] the song finished I said ‘I bet someone has got this on video and it’s going to be straight on YouTube’. Then the next morning my management said they’d found it already, it’s so funny. Literally for the last couple of days I’ve had every friend I know – my cousins, my uncles – everybody I know is killing me”.

Two attempts there, but he failed to actually pinpoint why it was funny. Shall we give him another try? Yes. Go on Olly: “It was really funny because I was in last night and I got an email from Robbie [Williams]. And Robbie said: ‘Just so you feel better about yourself’. And he sent me a link of him falling over on stage at this massive show, live on TV, in front of 24 countries and 300 million people or something. I thought that was really sweet”.

Nope, that’s not why it was funny either. See if you can spot why it’s funny here:


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