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One Direction told to tone down womanising

And Finally

One Direction

With Harry Styles’ on-again-off-again fun times with Ms Taylor Swift getting so much press, and then Zayn Malik’s one-night-stand-while-supposedly-attached-to-a-Little-Mixer winning the 1D boy a few Sun front pages all of his own, One Direction’s label and/or management (the Star isn’t clear) have reportedly told the boy band’s members to “tone down their womanising” because it’s distracting them from their music careers.

Well, this story comes from the Daily Star Sunday, which possibly noted the recent spate of Styles/Malik stories, and then delved into their Big Book Of Space Fillers for some generic “management worried about boy band shagging” quotes, but it’s Monday, so let’s not allow such conspiracy theories to stop us from running a bit of ‘and finally’ nonsense

The tab’s sources say: “One Direction are having number ones all over the world but all anyone seems to be talking about is their relationships. Harry and Zayn were told the focus needs to move away from which girls they’re getting intimate with and be more about the music. They’ve been told to behave themselves. Label bosses reminded them they’re singers, not reality stars”.

Well, singing reality stars really, surely? Anyway, whatever, 1D managers might now have bigger problems on their hands than Malik cheating on a Little Mixer, given the really sinister figure the entire group has been papped hanging out with.


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