Open source music identification technology launched

By | Published on Friday 24 June 2011

The Echo Nest

A digital company called The Echo Nest has launched a Shazam-style technology that is open source, and can therefore be used by any developers wanting to incorporate audio-based music identification into their product. There’s a tie up with 7Digital, which means the Echoprint system can identify the millions of tracks in their digital catalogue. As an open source technology it’s hoped that catalogue of identifiable tracks will grow as other developers use it.

Says The Echo Nest CTO Brian Whitman: “Music fingerprinting should belong to the internet. It should be a service that every developer can rely on without worrying about licensing fees or complicated database implementations. The Echo Nest is uniquely positioned to open its best-in-class fingerprinting technology and music resolution data to the public. Any music experience, from a streaming cloud service to a social music game can now immediately include music recognition. We’re giving people the client and server along with the data, and we can’t wait to see what they build with this”.

7Digital Ben Drury told CMU: “Through the many partnerships that run on the 7digital platform, we have learned that consumers have no problem paying for music if the experience is simple and convenient. When music fans hear something they love, they want to know what it is and make an easy purchase of that track or album. Echoprint and 7digital combined gives developers the tools to identify music from any source and then provide an easy way for users to buy that music”.

He continued: “This open-source option will help companies to help solve the problem of accurate song identification. 7digital’s catalogue has been a part of The Echo Nest’s API suite since last fall, and Echoprint is a great extension of that relationship. We both believe that adding new tools for application developers promotes more creative music services and better options for consumers”.