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Playlist: Crocodiles

By | Published on Thursday 31 May 2012


Noise pop outfit Crocodiles formed as a duo, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, in 2008 and over the course of two albums and four years have swelled to a five-piece. Their latest album, ‘Endless Flowers’, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Sleep Forever’, is due for release via Souterrain Transmissions on 4 Jun.

Having recently completed a UK tour supporting The Cribs, the San Diegans will hang around a little longer to perform at this weekend’s Field Day festival in London, as well as headlining London’s Hotel Street on 6 Jun and promoter Sexbeat’s fifth birthday boat party on The River Thames on 7 Jun.

While still on dry land, we asked frontman Brandon Welchez to put together a playlist for us. He did so, though it comes with strict instructions for you, which he explains below:

“Here’s our playlist. We consider it the hardest, hairiest, veiniest, girthiest, most bluish playlist in all the land.

Please USE this playlist for activities such as:
– Putting lipstick on a German Shepherd
– Smoking marijuana with taxi drivers
– Entertaining a gang of Transylvanian sluts
– Eating ice cream in the dark
– Nude arm-wrestling competitions
– Etc.

Please DO NOT USE this playlist for activities such as:
– Shaving a patch out of your hair and claiming it’s alopecia
– Falling into a lake in Milwaukee
– Sleeping on a bunk bed at age 38
– Moussing your neck-cape into a curl
– Prostituting oneself to horologists
– Etc.

Thank you”.

Click here to listen to Brandon’s playlist in Spotify or listen via multiple sources on Tomahawk, and then read on to find out more about his choices.

01 Bad Brains – Banned In DC
Back at the Che Cafe again with a funny haircut and a bright yellow t-shirt on.

02 Gary Glitter – Rock And Roll (Part 2)
Some people get stoned and listen to trip hop while eating take-away sushi, we listen to Gary Glitter and play suck and blow.

03 Stiv Bators – Make Up Your Mind
Immortal stuff here. I can leap across New York City buildings on this shit.

04 Basement 5 – Last White Christmas
Hamburg Germany has nothing to do with this song but it’s where I first heard this and where I first made love with a moustached male escort.

05 Chuck Berry – Rock & Roll Music
The best song ever written. When I listen to Chuck Berry I instantly feel like running into the first strip club I see, grabbing a girl by the waist and asking her to marry me.

06 Lou Reed – Gimme Some Good Times
I style my hair with generous amounts of spit, put on my vampire jacket and roam the streets, blasting this from a boom box on my shoulder.

07 Patti Smith – Ask The Angels
It’s wild! Wild! Wild! Wild! Wild! Wild! WILD!

08 Sixto Rodriguez – Only Good For Conversation
I wasn’t able to grow facial hair until I heard this song.

09 The Monorchid – The Warmers
This was originally written for a musical loosely based on the hit novel ‘Coaxial Flutter’ by Johnson K Beauregarde. Lemmy Kilmeister was set to star opposite Mark E Smith, but the play was cancelled last minute when Beauregarde’s lawyers issued a cease and desist to the producers.

10 The Association – Never My Love
Romance used to be very pure and sweet. Now it’s all about fingerjobs in the bathroom at Pumps.