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Playlist: Fixers

By | Published on Thursday 26 April 2012


Formed in 2009, Oxford quintet Fixers came to prominence as part of the Blessing Force collective, which also counts Jonquil, Trophy Wife, Chad Valley and Rhosyn amongst its number. Sporting a sound that reconciles Beach Boys-style group harmonies with kaleidoscopic drifts of retro electronica they caused a bit of a stir with their debut EP, ‘Here Comes 2001 So Let’s All Head For The Sun’, in 2011.

Signing to Vertigo shortly after the release of that EP, they got to work on their, ‘We’ll Be The Moon’, which is due out on 27 May. Ahead of that they will set out on a UK tour, beginning on 11 May, which will see them all the way through to the beginning of June and festival season.

We caught up with frontman Jack Goldstein just after he returned from a trip to New York, which influenced the playlist we asked him to put together somewhat. He explains: “This playlist is basically me, sat in a conservatory looking at rain. I haven’t left my house in three days and I miss New York. A lot of the music is either what I listened to on the plane journey or what I actually saw whilst I was out there. Hope you enjoy”.

Click here to listen to Jack’s playlist in Spotify or listen via multiple sources on Tomahawk, and then read on to find out more about his choices.

01 Maggotrom Crushing Crew – Miami’s Rockin Baby
I was lucky enough to attend a presentation in New York by David Tompkins on cultural, geological and political history of 80s Miami, propagating from bass music. Now I’m hooked.

02 Boy Friend – Lovedropper
I love this track. We’re both playing at Camden Crawl next month but they are playing a different day, which is a shame.

03 Santigold – Disparate Youth
Just got the new Santigold album and haven’t really had a chance to fully listen to it yet, but I’ve had this track for a while and it’s great.

04 Nicki Minaj – Roman Holiday
The new Nicki Minaj record is nuts, I keep saying it sounds like a hip hop Meredith Monk. At times I think it could be an opera.

05 Hype Williams – Farthing Wood Dub
This is just a plane journey classic.

06 Rainbow Arabia – Haunted Hall (Happy Ghost – We Are The World Remix)
I first heard about Rainbow Arabia last year when we played Manchester’s Sounds From The Other City Festival with them. Their show was so rammed I couldn’t see anything, so I left and went and watched D/R/U/G/S instead.

07 The Cure – Lullaby
I accidentally wiped my iTunes library a few months ago and have been rebuilding it ever since. I stumbled upon this on Spotify and realised I used to listen to it so much when I had it!

08 Lustmord – Ash
I saw Geir Jenssen and Lustmord collaborate on a project called Trinity in a small Presbyterian church in Manhattan. It was totally badass and has kind of rubbed off on me. I’ve always been a Geir Jenssen fan but have only heard the Lustmord/Melvins stuff, so I have been getting into this stuff a lot more.

09 Robert Rich – Glint In Her Eyes
The beauty of Spotify – I just linked through to this from Lustmord’s related artists list. Another of his collaborators.

10 Genius/GZA – 4th Chamber
Also saw GZA in Williamsburg last week with Bad Brains. Yet again, I haven’t been able to shake our NYC trip off. Go away horrible UK weather…