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Playlist: Here We Go Magic

By | Published on Thursday 3 May 2012

Here We Go Magic

Originally a solo side project for singer-songwriter Luke Temple, providing an outlet for songs radically different to his work under his own name, Here We Go Magic’s eponymous debut album was released in 2009, followed by ‘Pigeons’ in 2010. Their third, ‘A Different Ship’, is due for release via Secretly Canadian on 7 May – with the video for ‘How Do I Know’ released this week.

The band will be in the UK for a string of live dates this month, starting in Brighton on 4 May, and will be back again for various festival dates over the summer. Ahead of all that, we asked bassist Jennifer Turner to put together a playlist for us, which she duly did.

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or listen via multiple sources on Tomahawk, and then read on to find out more about her choices.

01 Neu! – Hallogallo
Just get in your car and driiiiivvveee… keep on going… and going… krautrock happiness.

02 Can – Halleluwah
I love this band, they were my first krautrock discovery. When I first like a band, it’s all I listen to for a bit. Embarrassingly, when I was asked during this time what my favourite music was, I replied: “All I listen to is krautrock” – when really I meant “All I listen to is Can”. I was then asked me about ten other krautrock bands, and I had to admit I’d heard of none of them! I’ve done my homework since then!

03 Düsseldorf – La Düsseldorf
I couldn’t resist… I just love this kind of thing.

04 Fujiya & Miyagi – Knickerbocker
More of the krautrock goodness. When you want to just move. And move. And move.

05 Popol Vuh – Aguirre I: L’acrime Di Rei
Really beautiful layers; lush, dense, delicious. A ‘rated G’ version of Arvo Part, who scares the shit out of me by the way…

06 Portishead – Strangers
I LOVE this groove – it makes me move in ways I had no idea.

07 Santigold – Creator
Same for this one – makes me throw myself around, brings out my animal nature. I can’t help it when I hear this song. I love spinning it when I’m ‘DJing’ (if you can call it that – I just put on one song after the other. I’m getting better at it though. I was SHAMED after djing with Questlove… lordy!)

08 OOIOO – Right Hand Ponk
This band is amazing. Founded by Boredoms drummer Yoshimi P-We, it’s total improvisational experimental raw energy wonderfulness. Check out some live clips on YouTube, they’re so neat.

09 Pharoah Sanders – The Creator Has A Master Plan
From the album ‘Karma’, one of my first favourite vinyls in my collection. Leon Thomas on vocals. Really great, yodelly – mind blowing!

10 Waylon Jennings – I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving (But I’ll Be A Long Time Gone)
I mean… Roger Miller… the best of the best… but the Waylon version just has that… THING! This song really does it for me. Also has some yodelly mind blowing-ness to it.