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Playlist: Husky Rescue

By | Published on Thursday 6 December 2012

Husky Rescue

Originally formed a decade ago by Marko Nyberg, Finnish indie electronic outfit Husky Rescue underwent a major reorganisation after they completed touring last album, ‘Ship Of Light’. Stripping right back from a sextet to a trio, Nyberg is now joined by new members, vocalist Johanna Kalén and computer whizz Anthony Bentley.

The first release from the new line-up comes in the form of the ‘Deep Forest Green’ EP, due out via El Camino on 17 Dec, preparing the ground for a new album early next year. Ahead of that, we asked the group to put together a playlist for us. After putting their heads together, they came up with the ten tracks you see below, telling us: “When the winter comes one slows down to rest, but one also needs energy to get you through the dark days. Here are a few lullabies and hits for our winter soundtrack”.

Click here to listen to Husky Rescue’s playlist on Spotify or listen via multiple sources on Tomahawk, and then read on to hear more about their choices:

01 Tiiu Helinä – Muuri
Label mates on our very own El Camino Records and the best thing hailing from Finland this year!

02 Nosaj Thing – Fog
That LA sound! Hypnotic and exiting.

03 Robert Hood – Motor City
On this concept album about the decline of Detroit, Robert Hood keeps it minimal and sharp. Pure genius!

04 El Perro Del Mar – Love In Vain
It has that dub reggae vibe to it. A real laid back track for lazy days.

05 Ken Boothe – Everything I Own
A warm groove from the sunny island. When you listen to this, everything is alright again.

06 Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate
Start a party at the office, play this at full blast! Hard to resist.

07 Ela Orleans – Rocket Trip To Nowhere
Tape hiss psychedelia and movies for ears. Polish born Ela Orleans takes you places.

08 Eric Showboy Akaeze And The Royal Ericos – We Dey Find Money
When it’s -15ºC outside, we need to dance ourselves warm and clean.

09 SBTRKT – Heatwave
Let it burn.

10 College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero
A real, fantastic song from the soundtrack of an amazing film.