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Playlist: Novella

By | Published on Thursday 15 November 2012


After releasing their debut single ‘The Things You Do’ on Dirty Bingo, psychedelic garage sect Novella signed to the Italian Beach Babes label to release their eponymous debut EP in May of this year. They follow it up with new single ‘Mary’s Gun’ – apparently about a gun owned by Mary Weiss of The Shangri-Las – on 26 Nov, preceded by a launch party at The Old Blue Last in London on 17 Nov.

Ahead of all that, we asked the trio to put together a playlist, about which they said: “An important part of Novella is that the song writing process is equal between the three of us and the beginning of a song can come from any one of us, and this is so much inspired by our individual tastes in music. We also spend much of our time sharing music with each other – sending each other playlists, or sitting in each other’s bedrooms listening to and writing music. Here is a playlist of songs important to us individually and as part of Novella”.

Click here to listen to the band’s playlist on Spotify or listen via multiple sources on Tomahawk, and read on to find out more about their choices:

01 The United States Of America – Hard Coming Love
Hollie: I first discovered The United States Of America’s eponymous LP when I was eighteen and it is one my favourite albums. It’s a favourite with all my friends, and it makes me think of hot sunny Sunday mornings with them.

02 My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep
Hollie: This song reminds me more than any other of the very early days of starting Novella, in my bedroom in Whitechapel in the winter when it was getting dark at 4pm. Suki and I would sit in massive jumpers in front of the radiator because it was so cold with my guitar and her synth and we wrote the beginnings of the very first Novella songs.

03 The Beach Boys – Feel Flows
Hollie: I have to stop whatever I’m doing whenever I hear this song. I think it’s just beautiful.

04 Polvo – My Kimono
Sophy: I started teaching myself guitar about two years ago and this band were massively important to me at that time. This song made me realise how engaging you can be with one instrument without showing off.

05 John Fahey – On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
Sophy: Perhaps my favourite guitarist ever.

06 Slint – Good Morning, Captain
Sophy: There was a time, when I was about sixteen, where I was listening to a lot of jangly 60s music and not much else. Then someone played me this record and I realised what I was missing out on. What I love about this band is how amazingly heavy it can get from such understated beginnings. There’s something really human about that.

07 Linda Scott – I’ve Told Every Little Star
Suki: I heard this from David Lynch’s film ‘Mulholland Drive’. One of my favourite songs.

08 The Beatles – Across The Universe
Suki: I’m remembering listening to this song in my bedroom under my duvet whenever my mother complains about me not coming back home to Macau. It sounds very childish, but I used to listen to this on repeat, thinking “Nothing’s gonna change my world”. Oh no.

10 Stereolab – The Light That Will Cease To Fail
Suki: I was at Sophy’s house one day, she put this on and I was like, hey you wanna join our band?

10. Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat