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Proper helps [PIAS] get back up to speed after fire

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2011


Independent label distributor [PIAS] has announced a deal with Proper Music Distribution to help speed up the process of getting its UK CD and vinyl distribution systems back up to full speed following the fire at the north London warehouse it used last week.

As previously reported, the Sony DADC centre in Enfield used as a key hub by [PIAS] in the UK was burned to the ground after an arson attack during last week’s London riots. Numerous labels lost their stock and [PIAS] lost a key base in its UK distribution network.

[PIAS] had already announced that Sony DADC would have an alternative centre up and running almost straight away, and that is now expected to be fully functional by Monday. But to help, [PIAS] has also done a deal with Proper. All supermarkets, HMV bulk orders, international shipments and wholesalers will be supplied from the Sony DADC replacement centre, while Proper will handle indie shops, Amazon and, and HMV catalogue orders.

Although as the Sony centre gets back into the flow all HMV, Amazon and Play orders will return to that facility, [PIAS] says that Proper will handle indie retailers for its label clients for the foreseeable future.

[PIAS] UK MD Peter Thompson told CMU: “I am overjoyed to have this solution in place so soon after the fire at the Sony DADC warehouse which destroyed the stock of all our labels. Sony DADC have been amazing in getting things up and running so fast, and have excelled in their actions and flexibility in supporting our teams in looking after the needs of our labels. Meanwhile Proper have been extremely accommodating and with their help we now also have the best possible solution for supplying a depth of catalogue to the spectrum of independent retailers.”

Proper MD Steve Kersley added: “All of us in distribution looked on in horror at the destruction of Sony DADC and everyone would have considered the consequences on their own business. In these circumstances it’s easy to offer to help in any way we can and we are fortunate that we can lend a hand. We wish Sony DADC the best with their new setup and in the meantime are happy to do what we can. [PIAS] is a great company that is the standard bearer for independent music in the UK and beyond and we’re privileged to be helping them”.