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Soundrop opens up to third-party developers



Soundrop, which allows Spotify users to gather together (virtually) and play songs to each other, has opened up its platform to third-party developers. Given that Soundrop is already a third-party Spotify app, does that make them sixth-party developers? I don’t know. But Soundrop has bundled its APIs and a JavaScript library to create a Software Development Kit, so that other people can integrate Soundrop functionality into their own Spotify apps

People like David Guetta, who has already had an Soundrop-enabled Spotify app made for him by the helpful folks over at EMI, allowing users to vote their favourite songs from his catalogue up to the top of a playlist, amongst other features. Imagine, a playlist that only played David Guetta’s music. Eesh. Still, it gives you an idea of the possibilities of the SDK, so go and take a look.

Soundrop founder and CEO Inge Andre Sandvik told CMU: “We’re enabling the next generation of music apps to be social by design. Soundrop is the perfect tool to create a more engaging app, and the SDK and platform make the whole process less stressful, easier and, we hope, a lot more fun”.

Josh Saunders, Head Of Technical And Creative, EMI Music added: We are always looking for new ways to team up with innovative digital partners and the opportunity to work with the Soundrop SDK within the Spotify client on David Guetta’s artist app was a very exciting proposition. We strive to innovate with all our artist apps and this live data-driven approach in David’s artist app has taken things to the new level with regard to fan engagement”.

More information here.


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