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Spice Girls, Liam Gallagher may play at Olympics finale

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The Spice Girls

Yet more Olympics closing ceremony tedium – sorry, delirium – now, as tabloid rumours abound that the London 2012 Games’ grand finale may feature a Spice Girls reunion and, even less plausibly, an Oasis one. Well, anything’s possible. Apart from the Oasis reunion. Unless you’re willing to count Beady Eye playing an Oasis song as an “Oasis reunion”.

The Telegraph claimed last week that its “sources had implied” that a two-song performance by the Spice Girls is in the pipeline, while The Sun speculated that Liam Gallagher and his Beady Eye mates will play a new arrangement of ‘Wonderwall’. So far, so vague. But what of initial rumours about Noel joining his brother on stage for an Olympics-enabled pigs-will-fly Oasis reunion?

A mystery source tells the red top: “A couple of months back the Olympic production team got in touch with Noel about playing his part in the closing ceremony. Along with his manager, they thought long and hard about it. It was a big temptation, but he knocked it back in the end – he has been on a great tour and he doesn’t really need to do it. The organisers asked Liam if he was game and he said yes. The Who are on the same bill, so he was well up for it”.

So that’s a ‘no’ from Noel, and a ‘definitely, maybe’ from Liam. Roll on, The Olympics!

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