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Williams wants more anger in music

And Finally

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams would like some more anger in British music, if that could be arranged please? The Take That star reckons that there are plenty of angry young people living in the UK just now, but he’s struggling to see it come through in the grass roots music scene, as you would normally expect. Perhaps he has a point. Or perhaps he’s just not looking in the right places.

The early days of Britpop is the last British musical movement Williams can think of that provided something for angry people to latch onto, which I’m pretty sure ignores an urban music movement or two that have occurred since, but then Dizzee Rascal went and made all that too cheerful didn’t he?

According to The Sun, Williams said: “Once, you’d go from mod to new romantic to punk, and then rave and then [Britpop], and then… nothing. There has not been that same spirit ever since, I don’t think”.

He continued: “There used to be something to rebel against. I think there is plenty to rebel against right now, especially with what is happening with the world, with how people are being treated by governments and the recession. Normally this is the time of great upheaval and great voices that rise and say, ‘No we are not fucking having this'”.

He conceded that he himself isn’t doing anything about it, noting “I’m in a mansion in Los Angeles, what do I know?”, but concluded: “There seems to be a great apathy. Where are the BILLY BRAGGS and THE CLASHES? It’s good to have a place to go and complain”.


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