Latest news about digital and direct-to-fan platforms

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Amazon Prime has over 100 million subscribers, many taking advantage of music streaming
Warner licenses classical streaming service Idagio
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Radar Radio shuts down as presenters quit over abuse allegations
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See Tickets acquires Paylogic
Mixcloud raises new funding
Hulu to air Fyre Festival documentary series
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Do we still need AM radio? Absolutely! Though not absolutely
Setlist: MMA, Spotify, BPI
Music industry urges EU to not water down safe harbour reform
Spotify buys mechanical rights platform Loudr
Spotify expands Hulu bundle, planning improvements on free level
Oliver Schusser to lead Apple Music globally
One Liners: Tixserve, PledgeMusic, Chvrches, more
All-new Music Modernization Act glues together American music proposals
Music publishers win Wolfgang's Vault copyright action
One Liners: Songwriter Fonts, Janelle Monáe, Suerorganism, more
Most net firms back web-blocking in Canada, though there are some detractors
Record industry's copyright battle with American ISP allowed to continue
One Liners: Sound Diplomacy, Calvin Harris, Mixcloud, more
Sony anticipates $1 billion windfall from Spotify share sale
Beatport buys streaming-for-DJs platform Pulselocker
Pressure mounts on Google to reject Viagogo ads
Vimeo not liable for 'unfair competition' over unlicensed music
Spotify debuts on Wall Street with a $30 billion valuation
Daniel Ek plays down significance of Spotify's stock market listing
Amazon streaming music service now has