Latest news about digital and direct-to-fan platforms

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Lyor Cohen to give SXSW keynote
Apple confirms Shazam acquisition
Spotify and Tencent confirm equity deal
Apple set to buy Shazam, say sources
One Liners: Thom Yorke, Louis Tomlinson, Migos, more
Setlist: YouTube, YouTube, and YouTube
YouTube planning subscription music service... again
Deezer launches high quality streaming service in Japan
Google pulls YouTube app from Amazon Fire TV devices
Google at al excluded from extended safe harbour in Australia
Web-block agency being considered in Canada
SPV allies with The Orchard on digital distribution
Kobalt allies with NetEase in China
Spotify and Tencent discussing share swap 
Neil Young launches an Xstream archive site 
Setlist: Rainbow Venues, Steely Dan, Slush Music
Dubset signs deal with Merlin
Spotify offering £99 annual subscription
New Zealand ISPs hit out at Sky's web-blocking bid
One Liners: YouTube, Prince, Sam Smith, more
Eventbrite partners with Twickets for face value ticket resale
Amazon to push 'U2 experience' out to music streaming apps
UK's Competition and Markets Authority to crack down on ticket resellers
South African and Swiss lawmakers consider web-blocking proposals
Video removal notices can't be defamatory, says YouTube
Sci-hub domains go down as American court order that included web-blocking comes into effect
Amazon reportedly abandons bid to enter US ticketing market
FanFair welcomes Google's new policies on ticket tout ads
Guvera fails to overturn ruling in dispute with former Blinkbox employees
Paypal drops trademark actions against Pandora