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CMU's Great Escape Special now available to read online
New six track Nine Inch Nails record listed as an LP because Spotify downgrades EPs, says Trent Reznor
Beef Of The Week #404: DN v Tidal
YouTube to launch music streaming service next week, adds credits to music videos
Tidal accused of delayed label payments
Dice hires Jason Edwards as new Head Of Music for the UK
One Liners: Apple Music, Big Shaq, G Flip, more
CMU Great Escape Special: China Conference Quick Quiz
CMU Great Escape Special: Meet the innovators
Merlin has sold off all its Spotify stock
Setlist: Tidal, RIAA, Dr Dre
Norwegian collecting society reports Tidal to police over Kanye and Beyonce stat allegations
Campaigners call on Spotify to ban more artists over 'hateful conduct'
Metallica's Kirk Hammett says they were right to sue Napster
Tidal and Prince estate end legal battle, plan rarities release together
R Kelly reps hit out at Spotify ban
Spotify to stop playlisting R Kelly as new policy on hate content is published
CMU's guide to Thursday at the Great Escape Convention
Tidal denies fiddling the figures, accuses newspaper of
RIAA hopes to beef up Grande Communications litigation with new evidence
Eventbrite integrates with Instagram for extra ticketing flogging goodness
Warner confirms it has cashed in $400 million of Spotify stock
Content Creators Coalition calls on Congress to question Google bosses
Setlist: Spotify, Canada, Kanye
RIAA and Cloudflare reach agreement over theoretical MP3Skull actions
After 23 years, Earache finally gets around to updating its website
Spotify share price dips 9% on back of first quarterly report
Music rights data start-up confirms pilot with Warner, BMG, Sentric and GMR
Gorillaz launch new podcast with Deezer
One Liners: Lil Wayne, MelodyVR, BandPage, more