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Eddy Says: Live And Let Die – or The birth of the Psychedelia Smithsonian tent at Secret Garden Party and monthly club night in London’s Clapham Grand
Eddy Says: Soon I'll be the one in nine
Eddy Says: Killing January
Eddy Says: From tragedy triumph may come
Eddy Says: Hurrah! The underground has become the overground - let us rejoice!
Eddy Says: How I ended up introducing Henry VIII to dubstep
Eddy Says: Let's have a heated debate
Eddy Says: Tinnitus Awareness Week - I'm aware that you're aware, and that hurts
Eddy Says: Become a life saver
Eddy Says: It's OK, we're all on the same side here
Eddy Says: I can feel the love in this room
Eddy Says: How we can make one in ten more important than one-in-a-million - Step 1
Eddy Says: Shadow Day cometh
Eddy Says: Cast no shadow (or Jimi Hendrix is alive and well and coming to Xfm)
Eddy Says: Losers, Eat Shit and Waterfilth
Eddy Says: Danny McNamara has something important to tell you
Eddy Says: An open love letter to Sheffield
Eddy Says: Where there's a wall, there's a way
Eddy Says: And it felt like New Years Eve
Eddy Says: Dub Pistols album launch party
Eddy Says: There are more legends out there than you think
Eddy Says: Long live the mountain festival
Eddy Says: Best bits via the slopes
Eddy Says: New music for the new year
Eddy Says: Boom shake shake shake the room - a new venue for a new decade of Secret Gardening
Eddy Says: Drum n bass topping the charts? Amen to that
Eddy Says: Nice guys finish first too
Eddy Says: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Soar
Eddy Says: Tinnitus Awareness Week - We're aware, now it's time for all the GPs to catch up
Eddy Says: Terminator or Predator? One of life's more important questions