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In today's CMU Daily:
- Ray Charles dies
- Beanie retrail set
- More info on euro-men's Sony BMG merger concerns
- Album Review: Various - Jazzanova Mixing
- Slipknot and Slayer form unholy alliance
- Spears' tour may be cancelled after knee injury
- Source told to pay Shady's legal fees after publishing racist raps
- Morrissey's Bush remarks cause online outrage
- T on the Fringe announce line up
- New Ryan Adams tracks online
- Blur, Travis and Robbie among the artists affected by AURA fall out
- Beatles deny download talks
- RIAA consider taking on taping radio tracks in digital age
- Album Review: Rubicon - Clashing Egos
- EMI boss negotiates new pay packet
- Island and Parlophone top the awards count at video gong fest


R&B legend Ray Charles has died at his Beverly Hills home aged 73. According to a spokesman his family and friends were at his bed side when he died.

Charles' had been out of the public arena for just under a year after a hip ailment caused him to cancel live dates. However he was in attendance back in April when his recording studio was designated a historic landmark by the city of Los Angeles, and more recently his agent indicated he might return to the stage this summer. Reports suggest the singer actually died from complications relating to liver disease.

Despite recent ill health the 12 times Grammy winner continued working, most recently on a collection of duets with performers such as Elton John, Norah Jones and Johnny Mathis - tracks from which are due to be showcased in the US via Starbucks' new music service.

Needless to say tributes have been pouring in from across the music world. Aretha Franklin described him as "a fabulous man" who introduced the world to "secular soul singing".

Country music singer Marty Stuart told reporters: "People remember the big hits and the visual image of him, but they forget what an innovator he was in the 1950s as a jazz musician."


The date has be set for the retrial of rapper Beanie Sigel on those attempted murder charges relating to the shooting of one Terrance Speller outside a Philadelphia bar. Sigel is due back in court on 12 Jan 2005.

The original trial on this case collapsed back in Apr when the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict. Since then prosecutors have been deciding whether or not to proceed with the case - given a new trial date has been set you have to assume they reckon they still have a strong enough case to nail Beanie.

No comment from Sigel's people as yet. The rapper is due in court next month on an unrelated weapons charge.


Well it's nearly the weekend, but time, surely, for some more news on the exciting topic that is the proposed Sony BMG merger. More details of that 'statement of objections', published by the European Commission in response to said merger, have been circulating in the last couple of days.

And it seems the European Commission is really concerned about the dominance the existing five majors already have over CD pricing, and how that dominance may increase should a merger go ahead.

The 51-page report says that, while no formal price fixing goes on between the major labels, informal links and the combined knowledge of their top teams means that CD prices are kept artificially high, despite reduced costs and increased consumer demand. The labels do this, the report argues, by dominating the music retail sector through the allocation of discounts to compliant retailers. This dominance, the competition authorities argue, would increase if the industry consolidated into just four major players.
European Commissioners are also concerned that the major labels will have similar dominance in the growing digital download sector, meaning that ultimately download pricing will also be controlled by five, or four, companies.

Sony and BMG will respond to the European Commission's concerns next week, though in the meantime a spokesman for Sony has told reporters: : "Sony and BMG will continue to work closely with the Commission over the next few weeks and remain confident that the Commission will ultimately find that the Sony BMG joint venture is a pro-competitive response to the challenges faced by the recorded music industry."

As reported yesterday, pan-European independents body IMPALA has already offered their thoughts on the 'statement of objections'. Very much against any merger, they welcomed the findings adding: "The objections are so fundamental it's difficult to imagine remedies that would be sufficiently far-reaching to deal with the EC's concerns. In fact we have gone one step further and asked the Commission to address existing structural problems it has identified. Anti-trust authorities have a vital role in improving the market environment and the right of citizens to have access to diverse cultural expression."


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - Jazzanova Mixing (Sonar Kollektiv)T
T he Jazzanova boys have come far. On top of their very fine production talents we all know these Germans can also rock a party. And on this compo Jazzanova's remixing skills come into their own creating a great collection of tracks that grows on you even more with each listen. The boys ease us in with Jill Scott's 'Long Walk' before upping the pace with some Afro Latin in the form of Phoojun's 'Rainbow'. There's Jazz funk from Sirius Mo, an early 80s classic in the form of Carol Williams' 'Can't Get Enough', then Jazzanova's own retro, stylish number 'Let Your Heart Be Free'. Add to all that some spacious tech from the 'Nova Crew, some future soul from Deyampert and some mellowness in the form of Wesseltoft's 'Try' and you have an album with great depth - diverse and interesting and off-centre to boot. PV
Release date: 21 Jul
Press contact: Rocket Science Media [all]


Well, if you're not all rocked out post-Download, here's a scary twosome to look out for - though you'll have to wait until Sep. Slipknot and Slayer are touring together under the 'Unholy Alliance' banner.

Confirming the tour Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor told CMU: "Two bands, two tribes and one tour that is going to lay waste to the entire continent of Europe. The ashes left behind will be made up of clenched fists and satisfied smiles. As of right now, no-one is safe. Be ready!"

OK, whatever you say. Dates as follows:
22 Sep: Geneva Arena
23 Sep: Milan, Mazda Palace
25 Sep: Dresden, Messehalle
26 Sep: Berlin Arena
27 Sep: Munich Zenith
29 Sep: Stuttgart, Boblingen Sporthalle
30 Sep: Dusseldorf Philipshalle
1 Oct: Leuven Brabanthal
3 Oct: Glasgow SECC
5 Oct: Birmingham NIA
6 Oct: Manchester Evening News Arena
8 Oct: Cardiff International Arena
9 Oct: London, Hammersmith Carling Apollo
10 Oct: London, Hammersmith Carling Apollo
14 Oct: Stockholm Hovet
15 Oct: Oslo Spektrum
17 Oct: Helsinki Ice Hall
19 Oct: Copenhagen Valby/Kb Hallen
21 Oct: Rotterdam Ahoy
23 Oct: Paris Bercy

Slipknot headline in the UK, France and Belgium, Slayer take the top bill elsewhere. Press info from Roadrunner (Slipknot) or Mercury IH (Slayer).


Britney Spears' up coming tour, which kicks off on 22 Jun and runs throughout Aug, may be in jeopardy after an incident during the filming of the video for next single 'Outrageous'. Spears injured her knee while shooting the video on Tuesday, and subsequently has undergone some surgery. Early reports suggest she will now need to rest her knee for up to six weeks, which will mean numerous dates need to be postponed. More when we get it.


American hip hop magazine The Source has been ordered to pay Eminem's legal fees after a federal court ruled the publication violated a temporary restraining order when it published the lyrics of two controversial early Slim Shady tracks in which the rapper makes racist remarks.

The Source has had a long running feud with the Slim Shady camp, and that came to a head at the end of last year when the magazine stumbled across the racist tracks that Eminem recorded in his late teens prior to becoming a successful rapper. Despite Eminem's public apology for the tracks, the magazine continued to hype up the remarks in a bid to discredit Slim Shady in the black community. During that time Eminem's people got a temporary injunction to ban the publishing of the complete lyrics of the raps, which The Source broke when they put said lyrics online in Jan.

The court decided not to fine the magazine for publishing the lyrics, as Eminem's lawyers requested, because the publishers removed them as soon as a legal letter arrived warning them of their injunction violation.

At the same time the court dismissed a countersuit filed by The Source against Shady Records and Eminem himself, in which the magazine claimed it held the rights to the songs.
Commenting on the tracks themselves US District Judge Gerard Lynch said: "It is for fans of hip-hop, and not for this court, to decide what, if anything, this episode means for their opinions of Mathers as a man and as an artist."


Morrissey might have to watch his back when he returns to his LA home - he seems to have pissed off a fair few Americans with a throw away remark during a gig in Dublin at the weekend. On hearing the news that Ronald Reagan had died, the singer alerted his audience of the news adding he wished it was President Bush who had died instead.

The Manchester Evening News reported on the comments at the start of the week and says its online edition has since been swamped with protests hitting out at Morrissey's sentiments, 90% from Americans.

Commenting on the comments, Morrissey's label Sanctuary Records told reporters yesterday: "We do not have a recording of the gig, but as far as we can tell, Morrissey was just alerting the audience to the fact that Ronald Reagan had died. He then simply followed that up with his comment about George Bush, which was his own opinion. He is no stranger to controversy."


It's the event that combines two of our favourite things - music and the Edinburgh Festival! The promoters behind T in the Park yesterday released details of the line up for the main pop / rock strand at the Edinburgh Festival in August - T on the Fringe. And it's looking rather good this year. Dates as follows (venues vary - check

10 Aug: The 5,6,7,8s
13 Aug: Dido
13 Aug: Zero 7
15 Aug: The Best of T Break
16 Aug: Laura Veirs
19 Aug: Massive Attack
19 Aug: Ed Harcourt
23 Aug: The Charlatans
23 Aug: Hope Of The States
23 Aug: Kinky
24 Aug: The Zutons
24 Aug: Sons and Daughters / Fiery Furnaces
25 Aug: My Morning Jacket
26 Aug: 2 Many DJs
27 Aug: Dashboard Confessional
28 Aug: The Streets
28 Aug: dEUS
29 Aug: The Hives
30 Aug: Embrace
30 Aug: TV On The Radio
31 Aug: Morrissey
31 Aug: The Shins


Good news for Jane here at CMU, and for Ryan Adams fans everywhere I suppose. Mr Adams has posted 13 new tracks on his website - The whole site is currently dedicated to the free jukebox service, which includes a number of demos and previously unreleased tracks.


The previously reported story regarding the sacking of the director of the Association Of United Recording Artists over financial irregularities has taken something of a more rock 'n' roll stance as the names of some of the artists affected by the 'missing £700,000' in the royalty body accounts become known. Blur, Travis and Robbie Williams are affected if media reports are to be believed.

As previously reported AURA boss Pete Horrey was fired after financial irregularities were discovered as the association merged more of its operations with fellow royalty body PPL. AURA's chairman told reporters: "We do not yet have a final figure for the money that has gone missing. We have called in specialist auditors to search through our accounts back to 1999, but £700,000 is our estimate so far. We have written to all our members informing them of the situation and they have been supportive of us. We are taking action to recover the money."


Don't delete your Kazaa-acquired Beatles tracks just yet. Reports that representatives of the Beatles were talking to legit digital music services about making their catalogue available as downloads have been denied by a spokesman for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

Said spokesman told Music Week: "There has been no mention whatsover that the catalogue will be going online. It's one of those stories that just tends to run when there is no substance in it whatsoever."


Presumably relishing the experience of taking their customers to court, the Recording Industry Of Association is reportedly pressuring the US media regulator the FCC to crack down on the taping of music off the radio. Word is the RIAA fears that as digital radio takes off the taping of digital quality music off the radio will become as big a threat to the music biz as illegal downloading. According to the New York Daily News, the RIAA has asked the FCC to act in this regard as they finalise digital radio regulations. Quite how you monitor the taping of said tracks we don't know. Whether legal action against the humming of tunes without full label approval is next on the agenda is also unclear.


ALBUM REVIEW: Rubicon - Clashing Egos (LEA)
The Belgian Life Enhancing Audio imprint are growing steadily - and now comes this great album from van Moll (aka Max 404) and Vanderlest, the Dutch downbeat duo. So, what do we get? Well, from the Orbital-esque '24' to the stoned jazz of 'Go Figure' to the housey oddments of 'Knitting Skins', it all kicks off well. Then there's some smoky trip-hop spoken word with 'Baghdad- Bag This' (it grows on you, honest), the Bjorkish sounding and very excellent 'Don't Sleep Tonight', the mediocre dub of 'Brightness' and the early Sebadoh sounding 'Love Sweet Love'. But the highlight is undoubtedly the African tribal 'Aminjig Nebere' - a beautiful tune with chants from Minyeshu Kifle. All in all, as refreshing as a well made Pimm's (with the cucumber) on the lawn of the Hurlingham. PV
Release date: 21 Jun
Press contact: EPM PR [all]


Good news for everyone at EMI. Well, one person at EMI. The major label's boss, Alain Levy, has negotiated a new pay package which will combine a 42% pay increase and five year share incentive plan, which sounds very nice thank you very much. In return Levy has agreed to cut short his service contract (whatever that means) and has committed to serving a one year notice should he wish to leave. Receiving the full new payment package will also be dependent on producing better operating margins and sales increases than his music industry rivals. EMI bosses have clashed with their shareholders over generous executive pay deals in the past, but the Levy deal seems to have been reached without incident.


It was the CAD Music Vision Awards in London last night celebrating music video talent, and both Island and Parlophone scored highest taking three awards each - the former for Chikinki, UNKLE and Busted vids, the latter for Kylie and Futureshock videos. Winners list in full as follows:

Best Art Direction In A Video
Jonas Odell for Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
Production Co: Nexus
Record Co: Mute

Best Cinematography In A Video
Jake Polonsky for Chikinki - Like It Or Leave It
Production Co: Academy
Record Co: Island Records

Best Telecine In A Video
Aoibhinn Dinnigan at The Farm for Futureshock - Late At Night
Production Co: Academy
Record Co: Parlophone

Best Editing In A Video
Dane Williams for LFO - Freak
Production Co: Independent
Record Co: Warp Records

Best Special Effects In A Video
Ne-O And Eye Candy for Futureshock - Late At Night
Production Co: Academy
Record Co: Parlophone

Best Animation In A Video
Shynola for UNKLE - Eye For An Eye
Production Co: Oil Factory
Record Co: Island Records/ Mowax

Best Pop Video
Kylie - Slow
Director: Baillie Walsh
Commissioner: Faith Holmes
Production Co: Black Dog Films
Record Co: Parlophone

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Director: Alex & Martin
Commissioner: Richard Skinner
Production Co: Partizan
Record Co: XL Recordings

Best Dance Video
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
Director: Dougal Wilson
Commissioner: John Hassay
Production Co: Colonel Blimp
Record Co: Ministry Of Sound Recordings

Best Urban Video
Beyonce - Crazy In Love
Director: Jake Nava
Commissioner: Camille Yorrick
Production Co: FM Rocks
Record Co: Columbia (US)

Video Of The Year
Beyonce - Crazy In Love
Director: Jake Nava
Commissioner: Camille Yorrick
Production Co: FM Rocks
Record Co: Columbia (US)

The CD:UK Peoples Choice Awards For Best Video Of The Year
Busted - Crashed The Wedding
Director: Max & Dania
Prod Co: Pagan
Commissioner: Liz Kessler
Record Co: Island

Best International Video
Outkast - Hey Ya
Director: Bryan Barber
Commissioner: Samantha Lecca
Production Co: FM Rocks
Record Co: Arista (US)

Best New Video Director
Alex & Liane (Frank Films)

Best Video Director
Dougal Wilson (Colonel Blimp)

Best Video Producer
Ashley Pugh (Alchemy)

Best Video Commissioner
Richard Skinner (East West)

Outstanding Achievement
Tim Pope (Cowboy Films)

The Promo Award
Mark Romanek For Johnny Cash - Hurt

Best Music TV Commercial
Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
Director: Julian Gibbs
Production Co: Intro
Commissioner: Mandy Plumb At Parlophone

Best Music TV Programme
Classic Albums - Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Director: Matthew Longfellow
Producer: Nick De Grunwald & Martin R Smith
Production Company: Isis Productions / Eagle Rock Entertainment
Commissioner: Eagle Vision

Best Music TV Series
Director: Phil Heyes
Producer: Phil Mount
Production Company: Blaze TV
Commissioner: Steven Andrew @ ITV

Best Music TV Channel
Channel Head: Will Mcgillivray
AP: Nick Hall
Researcher: Alex Hoffman
Director Of Scheduling - Genre Channels: Rupert Morling

Best Live Music DVD
Led Zeppelin
Producers/Directors: Jimmy Page & Dick Carruthers
Production/Design/Authoring: Metropolis
Exec Producer/Commissioner: Ray Still At Warner Vision International

Best Music DVD
Zen TV
A&R/Concept: Peter Quicke, Kevin Foakes, Vez, Dan Ricca Smith, Simon Skevington, Dominic Smith And Adrian Kemp
Design: Openmind And Doug Bowden
Authoring: Joseph Barnes At 10th Planet
DVD Extras: Hexstatic

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