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In today's CMU Daily:
- Jackson refused bail reduction
- Courtney Love asked to hand over prescriptions
- Roni Size returns
- Classical awards add celebrity angle to increase profile
- Robster sticks knife in
- Free City Showcase gigs announced
- Bono speaks out on AIDS
- Placebo look forward to Wembley
- SFA don't give a f**k
- Peter Gabriel to release DVD
- Beta Band announce final tour
- Mercury Music Prize performers announced
- "Pretentious? Moi?" asks Matt Bellamy
- Kelis charges for autographs


More from our ever busy Jacko desk. The judge overseeing the current child abuse case has refused to reduce Jackson's bail, which currently stands at a mere $3 million. Judge Rodney Melville of Santa Barbara County Superior Court earlier this week said the singer's vast wealth meant he could not justify reducing the current bail figure. Melville: "No amount less than $3m would provide a financial incentive to return and appear for hearings and trial. Jackson has pleaded not guilty to a ten count indictment which includes charges of child molestation and conspiracy".

Lawyers for the singer had sought a bail reduction on the basis of Jackson's charitable contributions, lack of criminal record and ties to Santa Barbara County.

Jackson's lack of a prior criminal record was acknowledged by Judge Melville, but he said that this was "partially offset" by previous child molestation allegations; a reference to the 1993 criminal investigation against the singer that never led to charges after Jackson reached an out of court settlement with his accuser.


Elsewhere in the pop courts on Wednesday, and prosecutors have asked Courtney Love to hand over the prescriptions for those painkillers that were found in her possession nearly a year ago.

As reported at length here in the Daily, Love has always claimed that the drugs found on her person during an incident outside an ex-boyfriend's house were given to her on prescription, and that she has the paperwork to prove it. However those prescriptions have never been handed over to prosecutors. A spokesman for the District Attorney's office pursuing the case told MTV this week: "If we had [the prescriptions], we wouldn't be going to trial".

Speaking to the LA Times last week Love said: "The court cases are like a lagging indicator in economics. They show where I was, not where I am ... I'm doing OK. I'm doing well, as a matter of fact. It's so stupid, but I even enjoyed the martyrdom. I'm program girl now."


Roni Size is to return with a new album - 'Return To V' - and will tour the UK to promote it.

Mercury Music Prize winner Size had platinum selling success, of course, with his drum and bass act Reprazent. With his new record he returns to his soulful roots - new track 'Sing' captures more of the original acid-house spirit, while 'Want Your Body' is almost Marvin Gaye-esque, the infectious 'Rise Up' has a dance-hall flava, and the laid-back 'Time' boasts hip hop rhythms.

'Out Of Breath', featuring Rahzel, will be the first single taken from the album and will be released as an exclusive download from the 12 Sep on, a week ahead of the physical release.

The UK tour dates are as follows:

7 Oct: Event 2, Brighton
8 Oct: Manchester, Academy
9 Oct: Warwick University
12 Oct: Met University, Leeds
13 Oct: Rock City, Nottingham
14 Oct: Corporation, Sheffield
15 Oct: King Tuts, Glasgow
16 Oct: Leicester University
19 Oct: Hammersmith Palais, London
20 Oct: Anson Rooms, Bristol
21 Oct: Cardiff University


Organisers of a classical music award staged by Gramophone, the world's oldest classical record review magazine, are hoping to gain more mainstream appeal for their awards by assigning a celebrity to champion each of the six finalists.

Amongst the music competing for the title of Gramophone Record of the Year are works composed by Mozart, Vivaldi and Gibbons. Celebrities championing one of the finalists include Michael Portillo, Joanna Lumley and Simon Callow. Each celeb will state the case for their chosen album - an academy of critics, broadcasters and retailers will then pick the overall winner, while a public vote will take place online.

On the decision to introduce a celebrity angle Gramophone magazine editor James Jolly, told reporters: "Intensive listening and debate has produced a line-up of six of what we genuinely believe are the finest recordings of the year. We hope that this year's celebrity initiative will re-kindle an interest in classical music and the great musicians who have dedicated their lives to it".


Robbie Williams attacks many of his entertainment contemporaries in his new biography 'Feel'. According to the Sun, George Michael, Gary Barlow, Cameron Diaz, Westlife, Ricky Gervais and Christina Aguilera are among those that get a slagging.

Former Take That member Barlow is depicted as tight-fisted, with Williams claiming Gary would charge bandmates £1 a time to use his mobile phone. Williams describes fellow boyband Westlife as "lazy" and criticises them for not having sex with their fans, while Cameron Diaz "looks a bit like Zippy [from "Rainbow"]" and Aguilera is a "a cross between Swampy and The Village People". Meanwhile the book reveals Robbie refused to participate in a 'Comic Relief' episode of 'The Office' because Ricky Gervais had slagged him off on the radio.

The Sun says that the Robbie that is depicted in the book is "paranoid, miserable, lonely and utterly self-obsessed", filling his days playing 'Championship Manager 4' and searching eBay to find what memorabilia related to him is on sale.


The line up for London's free street festival - City Showcase - has been announced. These are a series of events designed to showcase London's new and emerging musicians and bands. Last year's City Showcase performers included Amy Winehouse, Keane and Razorlight, who ain't done too badly for themselves since.

All the gigs are free but numbers are limited and anyone wishing to go along needs to order tickets from

Gigs as follows

Monday 6 Sep
The Borderline
Apartment + Art Brut + Cherubs + Lopez
Iain Baker compere (tbc)
Doors 7:30pm

Tuesday 7 Sep
The Borderline
McQueen + Rooster + The Divine Rights of Kings + The Ga*Ga*s
John Kennedy compere (tbc)
Doors 7:30pm

Wednesday 8 Sep
100 Club
Hot Chip + Spektrum + Vector Lovers
Doors 7:30pm

Wednesday 8 Sep
Adem + Joff Winks + Nate James + Ray LaMontagne + Sarah Bennett
Doors 7:30pm


Bono has used an interview on Fox TV during the Republican Party Convention in New York to push the US government to do more about the ever-present AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Asked by Fox as to why Americans would want to help Africans who did not practice safe sex, the U2 singer replied: "If you see a car crash, somebody's lying there in the middle of the road bleeding and it turns out they're a drunk driver, you're still going to call an ambulance."

Elsewhere in Bono news, the U2 frontman has been booked to speak at next year's Hay Book Festival. Festival director Peter Florence told the BBC yesterday: "What's interesting about it is Bono's political influence. He is one of the few people who has brought positive changes out of Bush. He has extraordinary political credibility. People like him and Michael Moore are not in the system, but operate outside it."


Placebo frontman Brian Molko has been talking about the band's upcoming gig at Wembley Arena on 5 Nov, their biggest gig to date.

He told Xfm: "It's something that we said we'd never do, cos we love Brixton so much and it's one of those things that bands always say 'Ah, we'd rather do 17 nights at Brixton than play Wembley', but it's a bit of a benchmark for us, we want to do it once as an FU to a lot of people I s'pose and also just to say that we did it and end that section of our career really nicely. It's bonfire night so if we can get some firework action going on that'd be really cool as well."

The band are also releasing a best of collection on 18 Oct which features two new songs - 'I Do' and '20 Years' - recorded with 'Pure Morning' producer Phil Vynall. Molko says: "'20 Years' is classic Placebo melancholy, it's quite epic, all about the passing of time. And 'I Do' is our first unashamed happy love song I s'pose. And it's got no guitar on it, which we're really happy about. It's a song that sounds like it's under Prozac, its like 'Medication time boys!' It's so deliriously happy that it can't be natural."

Molko also revealed that they have made a particularly explicit promo for one of their songs: "The most challenging thing we've done recently was for a French only release for a song called 'Protect Me' which was directed by a filmmaker called Gaspard Noe. He made a film called 'Irreversible', which was quite scandalous. And we can't show it, because it is hard core porn.. But we love it. There's nothing wrong with a bit of hardcore."


Welsh weirdies Super Furry Animals are to celebrate the release of their singles collection by re-releasing the cult hit 'The Man Don't Give a Fuck'. The single, originally released seven years ago, managed to dent the top 40 despite containing 52 separate 'fucks'. Recently the band have taken to finishing their live sets with a techno-wigout version of the song. The single will be released on 27 Sep while the 'Songbook: The Singles Volume One' album is released on 4 Oct.


Peter Gabriel is in the studio with Canadian producer Daniel Lanois remixing tracks for a DVD compilation of his videos due for release on 21 Oct. Fans will be able experience Gabriel's videos - including the legendary 'Sledgehammer' promo - in 5.1 surround sound.

Talking about the DVD, Gabriel told Billboard this week: "The project has been on the cards for some time, and now seems to be the perfect timing. Daniel is doing mixes that will sometimes sound better than the originals. For a musician, it is fantastic to have access to 5.1 technology. It is a much wider sound, there's more clarity."


The Beta Band - who announced recently that they were to split, of course - have revealed that their promised final tour will play the Carling Academy in Glasgow on Friday 12 Nov. Other dates tbc. The band have also revealed they will release a DVD featuring a collection of videos and films in 2005.


Franz Ferdinand, Basement Jaxx, Jamelia and Amy Winehouse will be playing live sets at next week's Nationwide Mercury Music Prize ceremony where judges will pick the winning album from a shortlist of 12 albums (it'll be Franz Ferdinand surely?)

The final - which takes place next Tuesday at the Grosvenor House Hotel - will be broadcast on Radio 1 between 9-11pm and televised coverage will be shown on BBC4 between 9-10.30pm. There will also be 70-minute show featuring edited highlights from the event on BBC2 on 10 Sep. So don't go saying we didn't tell you.


Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has been speaking about the incredible year his band have had - while denying charges of insanity and pretension.

He told the Herald: "I can't see [that we're] deranged. I'd associate that with Slipknot maybe. People see this classical thing coming in now and I think that makes some people think its some kind of pretentious kind of thing. There's probably a few confused people out there who [think I'm a guitar God]. I don't think I deserve that kind of adoration yet, maybe in 10 years if I get any better."

On the band's triumphant Glastonbury headline set, which was followed, of course, by the news that drummer Dominic Howard's father had died of a heart attack, Bellamy continued: "It was the best feeling we've ever had on stage, and when we came off stage as well. We felt like that was it. I've never had that before, that feeling where you come off and you think, 'That was definitely the best moment we've had so far.' I think it's because Glastonbury is a very well-respected gig, and a gig I used to go to a lot when I was young, as a punter. So, to get there was a nice link back to when I was a kid watching other bands playing and wanting to be up there.

"[The death of Dom's father] was an unbelievable shock. Obviously Dom was deeply shocked by it all. So we ended up taking time off and Chris (Wolstenholme, bassist) and I went down to Devon and spent time with Dom, helping out with organizing things, that kind of stuff. The only good thing, if you can get a good thing out of it, is his Dad got to see him in probably what was the finest moment so far on stage, and that's probably a rare thing for parents to see. That's something Dom held on to, which helped him through, I think."


Kelis has been accused of charging £10 for autographs after her recent gig at the Edinburgh Festival's T on the Fringe. According to the surely reliable Daily Mirror fans stormed off in disgust backstage when they were told that they would have to pay for anything to be signed.

Catherine Mackenzie, events manager at the Liquid Room's, who hosted the Kelis gig, is quoted as saying: "It was outrageous. I have never heard of anybody charging for autographs before. A lot of fans walked away as soon as they heard. Insiders had warned us that Kelis was going to be a real nightmare. We were told she was a total diva, and that we shouldn't talk to her or look at her. We were terrified, but she was lovely. Just a really sweet down-to-earth girl who chatted with everyone. That's why we were so surprised by the autograph charges."

A spokesperson from Kelis' record label said: "We can neither confirm or deny the autograph story as none of us were there".

Anyone who is interested - we can supply forged Kelis autographs for a fiver a time here in the CMU office. And we'll throw in a free cup of coffee.

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