The MegaUpload Shutdown Timeline

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12.12.11 > MegaUpload accuses Universal of takedown abuse over all-star video

13.12.11 > MegaUpload sues Universal over YouTube takedown

14.12.11 > MegaUpload frames Universal dispute in context of SOPA

16.12.11 > More words exchanged in Mega Song dispute

20.12.11 > Universal has no special takedown privileges says YouTube

23.01.12 > MegaUpload drops Universal lawsuit as founder fights for bail


20.01.12 > US authorities take MegaUpload offline, and arrest key execs

25.01.12 > Web shifts in the wake of the Mega arrests

27.01.12 > Who is benefiting from the Mega shutdown?

07.02.12 > BTjunkie takes itself offline

09.02.12 > Will the Mega swoop lead to more file-sharing site shut downs?


30.01.12 > What will happen to the legit files on the Mega platform?

31.01.12 > Mega data given two week reprieve

01.02.12 > EFF leads charge to save Mega data

22.03.12 > Dotcom gets monthly allowance as future of Mega data in doubt

02.04.12 > EFF supports claim for access to Mega servers

03.04.12 > MPAA files court papers about Mega servers

04.04.12 > US Attorney doesn’t want to help “innocent” Mega users

10.04.12 > MegaUpload asks courts for access to seized funds

16.04.12 > Mega data hangs in the balance

28.05.12 > EFF calls on US court to act over MegaUpload data in limbo

07.06.12 > MPAA supports return of lost MegaUpload data – but…

12.06.12 > US prosecutors say former MegaUpload customers should just sue

14.06.12 > Former judge calls prosecutor’s attitude to lost data "outrageous"

05.10.12 > New court hearing to consider fate of lost MegaUpload data

24.10.12 > MegaUpload user wants raid documents unsealed

20.06.13 > MegaUpload hosting company deletes files

28.06.13 > MegaUpload considering legal action against Dutch firm after data wipe

05.07.13 > MegaUpload lawyers ask courts to restart lost data talks

21.10.13 > Nearly eleven million legit files blocked in Mega shutdown, says report

07.04.14 > Lost MegaUpload data sitting in a Virginia warehouse


25.01.12 > MegaUpload founder Schmitz refused bail

26.01.12 > Two MegaUpload associates bailed

02.02.12 > Mega chief to make second bid for bail

03.02.12 > Mega chief refused bail for a second time

06.02.12 > Schmitz to try to reclaim some of his Mega fortune

09.02.12 > Mega man bailed

15.02.12 > Third Mega exec bailed

22.02.12 > MegaUpload chief bailed

27.02.12 > US to try to revoke Mega chief’s bail

29.02.12 > Prosecutors fail to have Mega chief’s bail revoked

30.04.12 > MegaUpload chief gets back some of his assets


20.02.12 > US prosecutors make more Mega allegations

23.02.12 > Mega extradition hearings not likely until August

02.03.12 > Schmitz hits out at US allegations

05.03.12 > US files extradition papers for Mega four

22.03.12 > Dotcom gets monthly allowance as future of Mega data in doubt

10.04.12 > MegaUpload asks courts for access to seized funds

11.04.12 > Footage of the Mega raid has disappeared

16.04.12 > Prosecution object to Mega’s choice of lawyer

23.04.12 > Could technicalities de-rail MegaUpload case?

08.05.12 > MegaUpload chief releases diss track against New Zealand MP

22.05.12 > Dotcom won’t reveal passwords in second MegaUpload data dispute

30.05.12 > MegaUpload prosecution told to share evidence with defence

01.06.12 > MegaUpload lawyers call on US courts to dismiss infringement case

06.06.12 > MegaUpload prosecutors say they need more time to share evidence

15.06.12 > US prosecutors hit back in MegaUpload case

19.06.12 > MegaUpload prosecutors given more time to share evidence

22.06.12 > MegaUpload lawyers push for quick decision on case dismissal

26.06.12 > Apple co-founder confirms support for Dotcom

02.07.12 > Efforts to have MegaUpload case dismissed will be considered in court

05.07.12 > Dotcom says American VP instigated MegaUpload shutdown

10.07.12 > MegaUpload chief’s extradition hearing postponed into 2013

11.07.12 > Dotcom says he’d voluntarily go to America in return for access to funds

17.07.12 > Prosecutors claim MegaUpload had enough US connections to face charges

20.07.12 > MegaUpload round up – Judge resigns, Beatz mentioned, Dotcom writes

09.08.12 > Dotcom claims he was beaten by police during raid

17.08.12 > US must share MegaUpload evidence with Dotcom, court confirms

30.08.12 > MegaUpload founder given access to cash

20.09.12 > MegaUpload evidence debate back in New Zealand court

02.10.12 > New Zealand PM denies Hollywood trip linked to MegaUpload case

10.10.12 > US judge denies MegaUpload’s first case dismissal claim

19.11.12 > Dotcom says it’s not his job to “police what people are uploading”

22.11.12 > MegaUpload hearing could be delayed again

06.12.12 > Team Mega given access to records of New Zealand spy agency

18.02.13 > US Department Of Justice calls Mega claims “sensationalist rhetoric”

01.03.13 > New Zealand court says FBI doesn’t have to share all Mega evidence

07.03.13 > Dotcom can still sue New Zealand spy agency

25.03.13 > Mega chief also plans to sue Hong Kong

22.04.13 > MegaUpload lawyers call for criminal case to be dismissed again

09.05.13 > US Attorney General defends MegaUpload assault

13.05.13 > Human rights lawyer says Germany should intervene in Dotcom case

17.05.13 > New Zealand supreme court to hear MegaUpload evidence case

11.06.13 > Dotcom extradition hearing postponed again

30.07.13 > Dotcom’s evidence dispute returns to New Zealand court

24.12.13 > US DoJ publishes some of its evidence against MegaUpload

19.03.14 > Kim Dotcom extradition hearing delayed again

20.03.14 > NZ courts say US authorities don’t need to disclose any more evidence

17.04.14 > New Zealand court rules to return assets to Dotcom

24.04.14 > MegaUpload files papers in Hong Kong to get assets back

09.06.14 > Dotcom seeks whistleblower, promises $5 million for killer evidence

07.07.14 > Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing pushed back into 2015

31.07.14 > Kim Dotcom assets back in court

21.08.14 > Appeals court overturns ruling on unfreezing MegaUpload founder’s assets

28.08.14 > Kim Dotcom fights to keep finances a secret

21.10.14 > Double legal setback for Kim Dotcom

30.10.14 > Kim Dotcom’s battle for his MegaUpload assets moves to Hong Kong

17.11.14 > Bail conditions tightened for MegaUpload founder

27.11.14 > "Broke" Kim Dotcom to find out about bail status tomorrow

28.11.14 > Kim Dotcom bail hearing continues

02.11.14 > MegaUpload founder to remain on bail

04.12.14 > Kim Dotcom’s lawyers get to negotiate with Hong Kong authorities

10.12.14 > Kim Dotcom denies he’s a fugitive

10.02.15 > One of the MegaUpload accused is in the US

16.02.15 > Former MegaUpload exec pleads guilty, jailed for a year

02.03.15 > "Broke" Kim Dotcom pushes for access to more of his frozen assets


19.03.12 > Mega chief could regain assets after court order error

11.06.12 > MegaUpload says FBI broke law in copying Dotcom’s data

24.09.12 > New Zealand officials snooped on MegaUpload execs without authority

29.06.12 > New Zealand judge confirms MegaUpload raid and data share illegal

31.10.12 > NZ police investigating Security Bureau over MegaUpload snooping

03.06.13 > Dotcom to get his data back, by court order

08.01.13 > MegaUpload says raid warrants dishonestly secured

07.03.13 > Dotcom can still sue New Zealand spy agency

30.07.13 > Dotcom’s evidence dispute returns to New Zealand court

02.09.02 > Dotcom hits out as police decide not to prosecute New Zealand agency

24.12.13 > US DoJ publishes some of its evidence against MegaUpload

21.02.14 > Raid on Dotcom’s Mega home legal, says New Zealand appeals court

01.05.14 > Prosecutor appeals decision to return Kim Dotcom’s assets

07.05.14 > New Zealand Supreme Court to hear Dotcom’s warrants appeal

13.06.14 > US court puts studio and labels’ MegaUpload lawsuits on hold, for now

03.07.14 > Dotcom passwords must not be shared with the Feds, says judge


28.03.12 > MegaUpload targeted with civil actions

14.05.12 > MegaUpload reps want civil cases postponed

27.07.12 > CMU Beef Of The Week #120 – Bruce Leddy v Kim Dotcom

26.11.12 > Dotcom says he could sue US government for $2.6 billion

07.03.13 > Dotcom can still sue New Zealand spy agency

16.09.13 > Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand spies

08.04.14 > US movie studios sue MegaUpload

11.04.14 > Labels sue MegaUpload

13.05.14 > MegaUpload asks for record and movie industries’ lawsuits to be postponed

02.06.14 > Movie studios to try to stop assets from being returned to Kim Dotcom

04.06.14 > Labels back movie studios in call for Dotcom’s assets to stay frozen

06.06.14 > MegaUpload tries to freeze labels’ attempt to freeze MegaUpload unfreeze

23.07.14 > MegaUpload lawyers want further postponement of civil litigation


07.12.12 > MPAA says MegaUpload shutdown a triumph

11.03.13 > New research says MegaUpload shutdown was effective

29.08.13 > Report claims MegaUpload helped smaller movies

18.09.13 > New paper disputes claim that MegaUpload helped mid-sized movies


27.01.12 > Were Mega’s D2F plans behind the major labels’ attack?

14.08.12 > Kim Dotcom promises Megabox coming this year

19.10.12 > Mega file storage platform hopes to avoid copyright liability with encryption

29.10.12 > Mega v2 to launch exactly one year after v1’s shutdown

30.10.12 > US says Mega v2 could breach Dotcom’s bail

01.11.12 > Dotcom unveils Mega teaser site

07.11.12 > Gabon minister stops the new Mega from using

13.11.12 > Mega v2 to have New Zealand domain

15.01.13 > Kim Dotcom promotes Mega via radio ads

17.01.13 > New Zealand radio firm pulls MegaUpload advertising

21.01.13 > Dotcom launches Mega

23.01.13 > Questions raised over the security of Mega’s encryption

01.02.13 > Mega moves to stop unlock code exchange

13.03.13 > Megabox could launch in next six months, says Dotcom

20.01.14 > Baboom to launch today with Dotcom album preview

15.07.14 > Kim Dotcom planning stock market flotation for Baboom

22.07.14 > Former Sony man joins Baboom

05.09.14 > IFPI takes down Kim Dotcom’s album from Kim Dotcom’s storage service

22.09.14 > Mega hits out at inclusion in critical cyber locker report

02.10.14 > Baboom cuts ties with Kim Dotcom