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AEG hits out at Jackson PA’s lawsuit

By | Published on Thursday 15 November 2012

AEG Live

A spokesman for AEG Live has hit out, in no uncertain terms, at Michael Williams, the former assistant of Michael Jackson who, as previously reported, is suing the live music firm claiming that by employing Dr Conrad Murray it contributed to the death of the late king of pop, and that as a result of the singer’s passing, he lost out on expected income.

Williams claims that AEG’s own contract with Jackson for the ill fated ‘This Is It’ tour included provisions for his staff, and that that gives him, and any other former staff members of the pop star, the right to sue for lost income caused by the singer’s premature demise in 2009.

AEG’s liability, or not, for Jackson’s death, as employers of the doctor convicted for causing the singer’s demise through negligent treatment, is the issue at the heart of an ongoing lawsuit between the Jackson family and the live firm.

AEG denies liability but, even if it lost that case, the live firm says that Williams’ lawsuit is without merit, because, contrary to what the claimant alleges, he was not a direct beneficiary of Jackson’s AEG contract, so has no grounds for bringing a claim over the pop star’s wrongful death.

An AEG rep told TMZ that the “lawsuit is clearly frivolous; it is literally barred by at least four different legal doctrines”, while on Williams’ bid to make the case a class action, so that any former Jackson associates could also claim damages, the live firm added: “The idea that Mr Williams purports to sue on behalf of the many persons who did enter into relationships with AEG Live and Jackson … and with whom AEG Live parted ways with the utmost friendship and respect, is disgraceful”.

AEG’s man concluded: “This is just the latest wrongful death lawsuit with someone hoping to profit from Michael Jackson’s tragic death in the same way they profited from his life”.

It remains to be seen how the courts respond to Williams’ legal claim.